Top 8 Things To Do in Shanghai with China southern Airlines Flights

(200324) -- SHANGHAI, March 24, 2020 (Xinhua) -- Tourists are seen at the Bund in Shanghai, east China, March 24, 2020. Shanghai announced downgrading of its emergency response to the novel coronavirus outbreak from level I to level II starting Tuesday. (Photo by Wang Xiang/Xinhua)

Shanghai, China’s largest city, offers travelers many exciting sightseeing opportunities which you can experience by taking China Southern Airlines flights. Despite a population of over 24 million, this ever-bustling city offers quieter historic neighborhoods and attractions and many newer tourist attractions.

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One of the busiest container ports globally, thanks to its location at the mouth of the Yangtze River, the city also provides opportunities for water exploration along the Chinese coast and inland waterways.
Plan your visit using our list of the top attractions in Shanghai.

Enjoy Greenery at Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan is the most respected and only preserved garden of the Ming Dynasty in Shanghai. It has become a city attraction due to its beautiful scenery, characterized by ornate bridges, colorful pagodas, and intimate enclaves separated by “dragon walls” – partition walls with dragon decorations at the top. It’s a beautiful garden, but often full of people. Your tour will be enriched if you have a guide explaining some of the histories of the garden.

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Explore the Shanghai Museum

Established in 1952, Shanghai Museum remains China’s premier museum of classical Chinese art. In a modern building that is a work of art in itself – its unique round gable and square base embrace traditional Chinese concepts of the earth – the four floors of the museum house impressive displays of bronze and pottery from prehistoric cultures to the 19th century, ink drawings, calligraphy, and seals, as well as large collections of works of art from ethnic minorities.

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It is also home to large jade collections, coins, furniture from the Ming and Qing periods, and a well-stocked gift shop.

Visit Longhua Temple

If you’ve read J.G. Ballard’s Empire of the Sun or watched the Spielberg movie adaptation, you will recognize Longhua Temple. It is the largest and most active temple in Shanghai, with five halls and two towers with a 5-ton copper bell 2 meters high, which strikes New Year’s Eve. The focal point is the 7-storey, octagonal pagoda, which is unfortunately not open to visitors. Extensive gardens once surrounded the temple, but today they are part of the adjacent Longhua Martyr Cemetery, the site of many communists’ execution, especially during the Guomingdang trial in 1927.

Enjoy at Tianzifang

A maze of alleys runs between the red-brick alleys of the former residential area that make up Tianzifang. The narrow streets are full of restaurants, cafes, galleries, and shops. You’ll find everything from the ubiquitous Obama T-shirts to leather newspapers and shoes, teas, and vintage photos of Shanghai. Tianzifang has a much more traditional feel than Xintiandi, although it is crowded at weekends like Xintiandi. Taking China Southern Airlines flights is the best way to reach shanghai. Consider this carrier whenever you plan your visit to China.

Experience the Beauty of Oriental Pearl Tower

While in Shanghai, a must-see is the 468-meter-high Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower in Pudong Park on the Huangpu River’s eastern bank. Notwithstanding the great perspectives on the bustling waterway and the new city, you will be remunerated with unique perspectives on the noteworthy Bund promenade.

In total, the tower offers 15 viewing areas, including the Sightseeing Floor and Space City, and a revolving restaurant with great views.

Different attractions remember a shopping center for the lower level, the Space Hotel with staggering perspectives, and a fun computer-generated simulation crazy ride. Even if you can’t build a tower, you will enjoy watching it at night when the entire structure is illuminated as part of a fascinating light show.

Rest at the Peace Hotel

Just on the corner of the Bund and East Nanjing Road is the Peace Hotel. He lived in a penthouse on the copper roof of a hotel that had turned green with age since then. It was a place to stop, see, and be seen in old Shanghai. Like many other buildings, it fell into disrepair after the communist seizure of power in 1949 but was renovated in 2010.

It reopened as a Fairmont Peace Hotel with its original jazz bar, teahouse, restaurant, shopping arcade, and ballroom restored to its former splendor. Not to be missed is the small but impeccable mezzanine gallery that shows the history of the hotel.

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Witness the Beauty of the China Art Museum

Also often referred to as the China Palace of Art, the Museum of Chinese Art Asia’s largest art gallery is home to its most important contemporary art collections. Highlights of the visit are the fascinating collections of Chinese contemporary art, exhibits by prominent Chinese artists, and numerous works related to Shanghai’s cultural development over the decades.

Culture lovers should also spend some time visiting the Oriental Art Center, one of the most important cities for classical, opera, and theater music performances. 


Shanghai is a city that reveals itself slowly, so it may take a while to see all its charms. From iconic landmarks to floating cities, you’ll find something worth visiting in every corner of China’s largest city. So plant your next trip to shanghai by taking China Southern Airlines flights.


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