What is the use of a coffee table?


Nowadays, people are always looking for an inspiration to decorate their living room on social media as they will look up for any viral living room decorations. What do we usually put to complete a living room? A comfortable couch, long cabinet, big-sized LED television, a little greenery and something that will be the center of the living room. 

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When we look back in history, the coffee table was made in Britain during the late Victorian era. According to the listing in Victorian Furniture by R. W. Symonds & B. B. Whineray and also in The Country Life Book of English Furniture by Edward T. Joy, E. W. Godwin was the first man who designed twenty-seven inches high table in 1868 and helped by William Watt and Collinson and Lock to make a large quantity. 

The satisfaction is real when you buy a good material, one of a kind design and high quality but have you ever give attention to it? Just imagine all the items in living room are living things and you take care more of everything except the coffee table. I bet it will cry definitely as the owner treat it as an invisible item. Change your mind set of the coffee table because although it has a table-top and 4 legs, it can be much more than what they seem. The uses of the coffee table are: 

  • Desk – All of us have our own favourite workspace at home. Sometimes, our mood changes that causes us to work at different room. You can make your living room as your temporary workspace by using your coffee table as the study desk. Put your laptop, your documents and stationary on that table and lay yourself on your couch. If you have an adjustable coffee table, you can raise it up to take the strain off your back and eyes. There is a day that you plan having a discussion or study group with your friends. Your personal room is not a suitable location as it is small and uncomfortable for all of them gathering in your room. So, you decide to make your big living room as a temporary discussion room by using the coffee table as the main table. Everyone can put the study materials and stationary on the table and gather for discussion by only using one table.


  • Adjustable – We are all excited when the guests are coming over to our house. So, we serve delicious foods and drinks and put everything on a coffee table. But, the table is just enough to put a few things on it. That’s why we can find an adjustable table that can slide on tracks and folds open to give you an extra space. Some of us like to eat in front of TV using coffee table but you have an issue about the table. No worries as the table can be adjusted in different manners. You can change the height of the top or lift the top up to get closer so you will be in a comfortable position. Just like a magic trick that amused us impossible to possible.



  • Storage – Don’t judge a book by its cover. The coffee table makes its own evolution from a simple classic table into a multifunction table that found at shop. The manufacturers ensure the functionality of the table by adding storage areas (compartments or drawers located under the table-top). It would be a good location to keep all unnecessary things for a certain situation; guests give a surprise by ringing the doorbell while your kids are playing the toys at living room. You don’t have to rush and think where to keep all of them because you can hide them in the coffee table. Besides, it is a mess to put everything on the table-top so the additional space will be the solution of this problem.


  • Décor – You can be an interior designer at your own house by styling up your coffee table. You can check it out on the Internet as pro designers give ideas to upgrade your coffee table. If you want your coffee table to be the center of attraction, you can consider a cocktail and a glass top. Minimal decoration such as a bouquet of flowers on top of the table will make the coffee table ‘alive’. You intend to create a last longing memory with your precious family. So, you can weave in a sentimental item. Incorporating a sentimental element such as your family belonging’s item into your coffee table adds a special touch and realize the value of old items.



  • Footrest – You just went back home from work and you feel tired. Sit down on couch and you can put your feet up on coffee table. It makes you feel relaxed as the level of the coffee table is the same as the level of the seat. By placing the feet at the right distance from your couch, you can enjoy eating, watching television or reading books with your feet propped up and cozy. Make sure you take out your shoes before you do the action as the coffee table needs to be cleaned every time and don’t ever do this at your friend’s house without their permission. You may encounter a minor accident that cause your feet feel pain. It is the perfect place to put your feet up and massage them to improve blood circulation, stimulates muscles and eases the pain.



  • Landing space – You have your own family in the house. The father watches TV and putting the remote by his side. His child is playing his toys on the floor. The mother and her daughter are looking for some fashion ideas in the magazine and put them on the couch upon reading. Don’t you realize that your living room is a mess? You just put everything all over the place without preparing a landing space. An airplane lands and take off at a runway as it is the only place specialized for this transport. It can be applied at your living room as you put everything on the coffee table. This is the main use of this table as it provides space with different sizes and shapes. That is why a coffee table is a must for every house!


  • Dining table – Most of us have two types of tables in the house that are coffee table and dining table. We are using the dining table as the main location for serving foods to the guests. The guests have to move from a living room to a dining room. Don’t you know that the coffee table can transform into a dining table? Coffee-table dining brings its own versatility to a living room. You can just dress up your table and serve main dishes on it to your family or visitors. Sitting at that particular table makes us take care of our posture and mind our manners, eating around the table makes us relax more and laugh a little harder. Whether you held a formal event or just a family dinner, the coffee table bend convention to make meals an invitation for deeper connections. It can save the space that separate coffee and dining setting would have occupied. Besides, you don’t have to stress out and waste your money by buying two different tables and arranging them in two different locations.


The coffee table serves many functions that is beyond of your imagination. The new version of coffee table has stylish and cool vibes that you will use it in many ways. So, what are you waiting for? Replace your simple coffee table into a new multipurpose one. Buy one if you still don’t have a coffee table. 






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