An Easy Guide for Clean Home


Who doesn’t like to beautify their homes with expensive and exotic rugs and upholstery! But, along with these expensive pieces, the upkeep and maintenance become equally important. Cleaning rugs is often considered to be tedious if done in home and expensive if dry cleaned professionally. 

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Though, multiple online services and websites provide easy rug and upholstery cleaning but they are quite costly and involves heavy use of chemicals. This chemical cleaning damages the look of your rug and sheds off your pockets heavily too. 

An easy way out is to clean out the rugs effectively with some easy home tips that we have for you. Let’s check out why and how, rug cleaning can be done in a most cost-effective way. 

Why should you clean your rugs and upholstery?

Since rugs and upholstery remain the most accessible piece in our homes and we are in their regular proximity, regular cleaning becomes a must. 

Following reasons make rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning very important: 

  • Home to termites and dust

Frequent dust deposition and being on floor, make your rugs a breeding ground for bacteria. In the long run, the dust particles on the upholstery can be a menace to your good health and respiratory system. 

  • Makes your rug and upholstery long lasting  

Having a planned weekly rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning routine, makes your product to stay longer. You will be facing lesser lints and better texture of your rug if its cleaned and vacuumed on a weekly basis. 

Easy Tips to Clean Your Rug

  • Baking Soda: This remains a staple element in each home across the globe and works efficiently in cleaning the dust out. 

How to use baking soda:  

  1. Spread out your rug in open space. 
  2. Depending upon the size of rug, take adequate quantity of baking soda. 
  3. Sprinkle generously on the rug. 
  4. Let this settle for half-an-hour. 
  5. Vacuum clean your rug deeply and you are done with cleaning it in no time. 

  • Weekly Vacuum Clean Plan: Set a weekly routine to wipe out the dust through Vacuum cleaner. This will not only make your rug piece smell nice but also saves your efforts for deep cleaning the tough stains. 

How to use Vacuum Cleaner efficiently: 

  1. To get the rugs cleaned properly, spread out your rugs in an open area. 
  2. Fit into the extension used for floor cleaning. This will ensure thorough cleaning in the far corners of the rug. 
  3. Flip back you rug and move the extension in a straight line. 
  4. Carry out the activity for 5-7 minutes and this makes your rug come out squeaky clean in quick time.  

  • Wiping on a daily basis: On everyday basis, you just need to put little efforts for gently wiping off the dust from your rug. Trust me, this goes a long way in ensuring your rug’s quality and maintains its texture also. 

How to wipe your rug daily: 

  1. Simply, wipe your rug gently with some soft upholstery brush in straight lines. But make sure you are doing it in an open area as this will shed out considerable level of dust. 
  2. You can also use a soft broom that is used for floor cleaning. Just few wipes and you are done with rug cleaning along with your household chores. 

With the above easy tips, you can clean out the rugs very effectively and make them look fresh and nice smelling throughout. But besides that, you should ensure an annual deep cleaning process carried out for the lounge cleaning also. Combining this with a daily quick cleaning routine can minimise the damages out of spillage and dust accumulation both on rugs and upholstery. Eventually, helping you in cost cutting with marvellous results. 


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