Setting Up and Optimizing Your Wi-Fi Route


Before we get into that what is the optimization of Wi-Fi route we need to understand that what is optimization. Optimization literal meaning in the field of technology is that to bring some change, or we can say it is a process of modification to make something or the product to work effectively, or function efficiently a properly. It can be the change or alteration in the system too. There is a common issue which we face on a daily basis that often we are complaining about why the internet speed is so slow or why the Wi-Fi is not acting up properly. There can be various reason contributing in the slow speed of your Wi-Fi such as maybe the internet connection is not so strong, maybe there are many users or like it is saturated with the users of single internet connection or maybe your internet device or which we even say that Wi-Fi router is having the main issue which you need to fix. 

If your Wi-Fi router is not working properly and it is creating an issue which surely frustrates you. But it is not a big deal to set up and optimize your Wi-Fi router. It just requires the basic knowledge regarding the router, and you can simply make a significant change in your internet speed without paying an extra amount for the speed.

Being a writer at cheap assignment writing service uk, I need the fastest speed of the internet, setting up my Wi-Fi route by understanding the following methods helped me a lot to optimize my router and to get good speed. So first you need to understand 3 main basic things which are necessary to comprehend as these things play a vital role in optimization and in the setting up if the Wi-Fi router.

Those 3 main hardware pieces to understand are 

Modem which is also regarded as a gatekeeper between your home network and ISP and this modems connect to the cable or DSL wall outlet. 

Then comes the Wi-Fi router which provides with Wi-Fi and it is the traffic control which routes the traffic of data 

Lastly the third is the cable, and it is Ethernet cable it is the essential piece which connects your modem to your router and it also works as a bridge for the stationery devices as it connects such devices to the router such as desktop computers.

Now, after learning about the three essential hardware pieces, you need to know the simple strategies like how you can easily optimize your Wi-Fi router and get the amazing speed with the help of a few techniques. You do not need to panic every time that what is the issue of why your internet is slow, with simple fixes you can get your problem solved 

The first step which really does not require much of hard work is to reboot; it means to restart your device. Mostly it happens that the if you are facing latency issues so usually it is only that you should restart your router, because maybe after that your internet starts working properly in fast speed. This is the first and foremost step which you should always take without any second thought. 

The second thing you can do is that you use Ethernet it is also another way to encounter and solve the trouble of slow speed internet issue or the latency issue. Try to use Ethernet because it will obviously provide you with faster speed as wireless connections come with a lot of limitations whereas these cables use light to pass the information. They are more reliable in terms of net connection, power providing efficient and it is because there is no such kind of interruption from the radio frequencies.

The last option or step which you are left is to call your internet provider or the company which provides you with the internet connection, or if it also does not work so obviously, you have to contact a technician to look at you network if you think that problem or trouble is at your end.

Few other ways to optimize and boost the speed of your network. Wi-Fi signals are broadcasts in spherical bubbles from the Wi-Fi router so when the users who are utilizing the Wi-Fi actually consumes a piece of your bandwidth. So each device when uses the internet, affects the overall speed of your Wi-Fi and your Wi-Fi slows down as streaming consumes more space than the basic browsing 

Methods of optimizing your Wi-Fi network are divided into two classifications:

  • Signal boosting is to change the position of network points physically or physically boosting or expanding and enhancing the network signals with repeaters or with antennas.
  1. Placement of the router: physically place your Wi-Fi router to such place from where the signals are not blocked due to many hindrances and Wi-Fi signals could penetrate easily to the entire house, so it is better to place in the middle of the house.
  2. Boost Router Antenna: for your Wi-Fi network, the antenna is the broadcast point, and due to that the signals are sent in all directions in a spherical shape. So antennas actually do boost the Wi-Fi speed and connectivity
  3. Update Router Firmware: Firmware is kind of software that functions on your Wi-Fi router, or we can even say that it is like Operating System. So the updates of firmware encompass small fixes to improve the security and performance.
  4. Power line Adaptors: Power line adaptors let you use your current electrical wiring as a data network. And they can take a burden off your bandwidth by effectively wiring devices
  5. Extenders/ repeaters: are such kind of devices that selects and increases and augments your Wi-Fi signal
  6. Upgrade Your Router: obviously, for this, you have to replace your old Wi-Fi router with the new one for better results 


  • Signal segregating is that distributing and dividing your bandwidth among devices by controlling the frequencies and channels accessible to your devices. 
  1. QoS (Quality of Service): it is subdivided into two methods Traditional QoS and Intelligent QoS. So these both methods can lessen the issue of latency by prioritizing streaming and any other data which is latency-sensitive.
  2. Segregate Older and Newer Devices: when both the old and new devices are lumped together so obviously it will lower your Wi-Fi speed, so it is better to separate both the devices in order to experience faster Wi-Fi 
  3. Choose The Optimal Wi-Fi Channel to Increase Your Wi-Fi Speed: So for this try to use the diagnostic tool which is wireless and it is on both mac and for android, it is Wi-Fi analyzer so it will provide you with a picture of other networks which are present in your area so in order to avoid the interference by switching channel.

Hope the given guidelines will be helpful in optimizing your Wi-Fi route.



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