5 Nose Care Habits You Need To Adopt


It’s the only thing that gives you the sense of smell. Plus, it’s a vital part of your body since it helps you breathe. So I don’t see a good reason why you’re not taking care of your nose. The air doesn’t just go into your lungs, it gets filtered through the nose first. The dust particles get removed and the air becomes warm and moist before it goes into the lungs in order to keep the lungs healthy. 

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But of course, like every part of your body, the nose needs proper care if you want it to function properly. Otherwise, you might get nasal infections, blockage of the airway, congestion, and such issues. And you wouldn’t want them, would you? If not, then keep reading this article because I’m about to tell you the habits and other things that I’d like you to adopt and do so your nose keeps functioning right. 

  • Use A Humidifier

Keeping a humidifier running at your home will definitely keep your sinuses neat and clean. The moisture you can get from them will help you with your nose hygiene and health. It is recommended to use humidifiers when it’s cold out there. The cool weather is surely a bad thing because it can cause cough and flu which are directly related to our sinuses. So if you want to keep the health of your nose intact and don’t want to catch a cold, or even if you want to breathe easily despite having a runny or blocked nose, then humidity will help. Try to keep the humidity between 505 to 60% so the moisture in air helps you breath easily and start cleaning your nasal area. 

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  • Clean Your House Regularly

When it comes to taking care of your nose, cleanliness is a highly important thing. If you’re living somewhere that stays unclean for long times, then it means you’re preparing to cause yourself some trouble in the long run. Dust particles, and germs along with them are a common cause of everyone suffering from nasal issues. Even if you’re not suffering from any, this habit is for you because if you adopt this, you’re contributing to saving yourself from this. So this is what you have to do: whenever you get in the morning, make sure to clean up your room, house, or whatever place you live in. Also, do wear a surgical mask while dusting because you wouldn’t want anything to get into your nose. 

  • Do You Have Carpets In Your Home? Get Rid Of Them

Carpets are like one of the main causes of sinus problems. The reason behind it is that they can catch a lot of dust and you can get affected by it. No matter what you do, even after a day of carpet cleaning, you can see a lot of dust flying when you hit it with a stick. And no, there’s no such excuse as “The carpet stores the dust but it doesn’t release it into the air until it’s been hit. So it should be okay.” The concept here that the dust flies into the air is wrong. You can’t actually see it but it’s there and it’ll affect your breathing and your nasal area very easily. People who have dust allergies can’t easily live at homes with carpets: they start to feel difficulties in breathing and other problems. 

  • No Smoking Please!

It doesn’t matter if it’s cigarette or cigar smoking because tobacco is in both of them. Smoking tobacco isn’t good for your lungs, that’s what you probably know already. But what you might not know is that smoking can cause formaldehyde and ammonia to build in your sinuses which are not only irritating but are deadly. They cause your sinuses to make a lot of mucus. You will then become vulnerable to many problems like allergies, cold, and throat or lung cancer. And all of this is possible not only if you’re smoking by yourself but also if you’re just a passive smoker (second-hand smoking).

  • Clean Your Nasal Area

The solution that is used for cleaning the nasal area is called saline solution and it is nothing but a mixture of water and sodium chloride (salt). This salt water has a lot of uses in medicine and one of it’s important uses is to clean the sinuses. So in order to maintain your nasal health, make sure that you clean your nasal cavity every other day with this solution. You just have to make sure that you get the solution from a high-grade brand and not a low-grade one because you wouldn’t want to risk your nasal health. First, check out the quality of the product packaging of the saline solution. It should be high-quality because only high-grade brands use such product packaging that they buy from Dawn Printing, a team of packaging experts. You must use this saline solution more frequently if you’re experiencing allergies. 


The nose is actually a real blessing and one can sense the importance of it if they think about it deeply. This is why keeping the nose healthy should be one of the primary priorities of everyone. Above mentioned are a few tips that if you follow, your nasal health will stay perfect and you won’t be experiencing any issues even in the long run. 


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