How to Be a Strong Female Entrepreneur and Face Adversity


The number of female entrepreneurs has been steadily growing. Currently, out of every three entrepreneurs, one is a female. With time, more and more women will join the ranks of entrepreneurship. 

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Dealing with varying challenges is something that entrepreneurs have to face regularly. Understanding how adversity affects individuals and knowing how to deal with challenges effectively is something that all female entrepreneurs will significantly benefit from. 


Here is how you can become a strong female entrepreneur: 

  • Focus on the task at hand. 

Focusing on the critical things to your business might sound like it’s one of the most important things you can do, and you would be entirely right to think so. But unfortunately, things and events do not happen in an orderly fashion, and its maintaining focus can become a seemingly impossible task. 

Without staying on top of your game, you will not keep your business running smoothly. Adaptation is the key to success, for instance when live chat applications for website came, many businesses did not adapt to them but now everybody is adapting as they help in converting more people. Life is full of unexpected surprises, for better or for worse. It comes down to how you choose to handle these scenarios in the end. 

To make your business stable and robust enough to combat the world’s tides, you will need to find opportunities, hidden or otherwise, and make use of them before anyone even realizes they were there in the first place.  

If you want to make sure that you stay focused, make sure to take adequate breaks. Burning yourself out because of stress and pressure is not going to do you any good. You don’t necessarily need to take a week-long vacation. Even a simple 10-minute walk outside of the office will help clear your mind and improve your focus. 


  • Know that failure is real, but it is not the end. 

Businesses fail. Startups fail. It would be best if you thought of failure as a shadow. Shadows are always present and change their appearance based on how you move. Move too fast, and your shadow might not have time to adapt. But, the good news, shadows cannot hurt people. 

If you are in a constant state of fear due to the potential of failure, then you are certainly in trouble. Thinking about the possible reasons for failure is not entirely a bad thing to do.  

Female entrepreneur or not, you should be well aware of the threats that your business might have to face. When you have a decent idea of all of the things that can potentially go wrong with your business, the next item on the to-do list is to find solutions to these problems beforehand. 

Do all that you must to make your business a success. You, like others and those that have come before you, must not be deterred by the challenges that stand in your way.  

The absolute worst-case scenario that can happen to your startup is that it ends as a failure. That is certainly a loss, but it is by no means a challenging end to your entrepreneurial journey. A reasonably common statistic regarding startups is that 90% of them are destined to fail.  

You can do everything in your power, but the odds still might be stacked against you. But if this thought stops you from becoming an entrepreneur, maybe it wasn’t something that you were great at in the first place. 

Taking risks is a part of an entrepreneur’s life, and female entrepreneurs need to have the same kind of attitude that comes with risk and risk-taking. Even if you fail, you will be smarter, wiser, and have more practical experience than what you had starting out. 

Entrepreneurs who already had a failed business at some point have a higher success chance of their new venture, granted that they learn from their mistakes and make the best of things.  


  • Keep learning, keep improving, keep innovating. 

All entrepreneurs have to deal with adversity. Unfortunately, for female entrepreneurs, the challenges are more significant in number. Societal pressures, and in some cases, a lack of acceptance or help from their male counterparts, can lead to female entrepreneurs feeling depressed. 

These kinds of things happen and are, unfortunately, unavoidable. In order to face these challenges head-on, you will need to develop a growth mindset and become a forever student.  

Entrepreneurship by no means is a sprint. It’s a marathon with constantly changing terrain and circumstances. You will need to keep churning out innovative ways to solve problems and be aware of all the threats and opportunities that surround your business. 


  • Embrace change. 

Female entrepreneurs need to be agile and on their feet as much as possible. For entrepreneurs, adapting to change should be a trait that comes naturally to them. If you cannot vary depending on the conditions, you’re going to become the captain of a sinking ship, and no entrepreneur would like to experience that feeling willingly. 

Initially, an idea might sound innovative and perhaps even revolutionary, but maybe your target audience is not interested in the solution you are presenting. What will you do? Will you continue to develop your solution and hope for the best, or will you choose to change courses and try something new? 

Female entrepreneurs, in particular, need to be willing to change. The pressure from their peers to be a success with their initial idea can sometimes force female entrepreneurs to be rigid and oppose change.  

Rest assured, change itself is not bad. But asking yourself why do you want to change is extremely important. If you’re only bringing change because other people think that it’s the right thing to do, then maybe you should reevaluate your choices. Only bring changes if you believe that they would be the best course of action. 


By pursuing entrepreneurship as a career, female entrepreneurs are slowly improving their standing as leaders and business owners. The challenges that lie in front of these women are many, but with adequate planning and a focus on what needs to be done, these female entrepreneurs will indeed innovate and change society for the better.

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Hamzah Adil is a digital marketing executive currently working for a startup that has developed a live chat application for websites named SwiftChat. SwiftChat enables people to have chat with their website visitors in real time and close more deals.



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