What Is Fat Transfer Surgery? And Why Is It Required?


Human beings love to have their body in shape so that they can have a perfect appearance and good personality. Many are born with attractive body features, but most of us lack it.

Not everyone is perfect; some are thin; some are thick; some are fair; some are dull. The problem of uneven fat distribution in the body is very common among large populations. With the help of science and modern technology, we have found a solution to this. 

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By using the method of Fat Transfer Surgery that is also known by the name of fat grafting, one can utilize their fatty tissues to make their other body parts attractive. The procedure involves cutting fat tissues from the body part, having it in excess and inject it into the parts of the body that lacks fat. It is a new technique that is widely used for breast treatment. In this article, we will learn more about fat grafting

What is fat transfer surgery?

The surgical method of fat grafting or Fat Transfer Surgery is a technique using which fat is injected to the body parts that require fat. The excess fat is removed from areas like thighs and then filled into the injection where it is injected in the body parts with no fatty tissues like buts, breasts, face, etc. it is the safest procedure to be followed and is also long-lasting. 

What is a procedure for fat transfer?

The grafting procedure of fat is easy and simple. Even the recovery process is confined to 4-5 weeks. It is reviewed as the safest surgery procedure for filling volume in the body parts that lack fats. The procedure involves the following steps:

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  • Fat is first removed from the area with high-fat volume
  • It is then put into the injection after purifying
  • After the purification is over, these fatty tissues are injected into the areas of requirement generally butts, breasts, stomach, hips, and face. 
  • Other areas with scars can also be used for fulfilling and hiding it using this method.

What are the benefits of fat transfer?

There are various reasons why people look up for Fat Transfer SurgerySome of its major benefits might include:

  • Opposes dermal filters
  • Autologous fat of one’s own body
  • The results of the surgery are normal and safe also last for a longer duration
  • It is a noninvasive method. 

These benefits can be enjoyed only after confirming if the person is eligible for surgery or not. The main purpose of fat grafting is to ensure if the person appearing for the surgery is a good candidate for it or not. People who do not have donor sites or are underweight are not advised to take this surgery.

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Last but not the least, the safety concerns and a proper appointment are required from a doctor before a person goes for the Fat Transfer SurgeryThis will ensure that there are very fewer chances of complications occurring in the middle of the operation. There is rarely any kind of complications to occur, but the side effects might include problems like- swelling, numbness, small scars that will probably fade away as time flies, etc. 

The recovery procedure is usually just like other small surgeries. People can stay in the hospital for one night and then can leave for their homes. If they feel comfortable, then they can be discharged a few hours after the surgery is done. The swelling might take a couple of weeks to go off. The price for fat grafting is a cost of 2000 euros – 8000 euros depending on the portion people like to get treated with.


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