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There are beautiful African foods for every occasion. Are you looking for a special wedding meal or simply looking for a sweet ending to an everyday meal, Krayola’s Kitchen offers something for everyone.

Krayola's Kitchen

Krayola’s Kitchen Mission

Krayola’s Kitchen is one of the most outstanding catering services start-ups that will grace your occasions with beautiful African foods in bright colors.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with an excellent meal and excellent service. Our success depends on our clients being well understood, which allows us to meet their requirements. From choosing the ingredients to taking time to realize your own distinctive creations, we prepare only meals that we are proud of.

Business Commencement

The idea of cooking started after senior high school but the business started operation in July 2017.

Products & Services


We do event catering, special dining, private parties, stews and soup orders, and corporate catering.

Each day a tiny modification is made with regards to cooking skills quality-wise because we are constantly learning.

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