Check Out These Epic Adventures in the Philippines for Your Next Trip


The Philippines is an archipelago with an economy majorly running on tourism making it an easy adventure. This land preserves and maintains its hot spots to keep the flow of tourists steady and it works. With over 7000 plus islands there is no dearth in options for places to explore. From white sandy beaches to mountainous terrain and dense forests, the Philippines is a haven for natural beauty. 

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Such an enchanting land is also filled with thrilling expeditions to get any adrenaline junkie exciting. These adventures in the Philippines listed below are a mixture of mediocre to intense activities for all kinds of travelers.   

A Memorable Skydive at Bantayan Island: 


Let’s begin with the most common adventures travelers love to embark on in scenic locations, skydiving and paragliding. The Philippines is a hub for water sports attracting adventurers from all over the globe. Your skydiving location will be in Bantayan Island which has some of the best scenic views in the entire archipelago. Even if you know nothing about skydiving, you can choose to tandem skydive which is with an instructor. 

All you have to do is enjoy the panoramic view which the instructor handles the parachute and the landing. It costs around 18,000 pesos to skydive and land at the airport but for a more serene landing on a white sanded beach it will cost an extra 1000 pesos.  

Take to the Skies at ACFC:

Two hours north of Manila is the Angeles City Flying Club which is a non-profit supporting recreational ultra-light flight. You can fly one of their unique airplanes or become a member and have classes to become a pro. The ACFC also boasts zero loss of pilots or passengers in the 20 years that it has been running. 

The S6 Coyote and the Drifter are two of the famous planes that you should try on your visit. Avoid the months between June and August, in case of bad weather and you miss out of an epic adventure. 

Scuba Dive in the Coral Triangle  

The Philippines’ water is part of the vast Coral Triangle which houses most of the underwater life found in the world. Amos Rock in Tubbataha Reef is one of the best adventures in the Philippines. A liveaboard is the only way to reach this reef and explore its pristine waters. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a true hidden gem of the archipelago.

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You go to Amos for the vibrant corals but you go to Pescador Island to the massive schools of fish. Just off the coast of Cebu is Pescador Island which is home to sardines and many pelagic predators. It is one of the best diving sites in the Philippines especially for its underwater cave that attracts adventure junkies all year round.   

Surf with the Wind at Boracay Island 


The prime location for windsurfing in the Philippines is Boracay Island which is to the South of Manila. This small island can be accessed from Panay Island by a short boat ride. The island hosts the annual International Funboard Cup which attracts surfers from all over the world. The waves at the Bulabog Beach are ideal for beginners and those looking for soothing surfing. 


There are two schools on this beach teaching windsurfing, Mistral Funboard Center and Green Yard Funboard Center. Mistral offers its students with private and group lessons for beginner to advanced levels. On the other hand, the Green Yard provides multilingual courses for all levels with accommodation packages.    

The Philippines is a tourist hub for more than one reason and its unlimited adventures make it ever so appealing. These adventures in the Philippines are available in almost every island but each place listed above specializes for the best experience. Don’t these adventures sound exhilarating? Then stop waiting around and pack those bags to make it a reality. Check out

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