Fines related to ITV


The Vehicle Technical Inspection (ITV) is a procedure that all drivers must pass when their vehicle turns four years old. From that moment, until they reach their decade of age, the ITV will be mandatory every two years, becoming essential annually from the age of 10. You can buy car from Auto for Trade

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The purpose of the ITV is to ensure that all vehicles in circulation are in good condition and certify that they comply with the safety regulations and the applicable emissions regulations according to their type and age. As it is a mandatory procedure, the authorities may proceed to sanction the driver with a fine if he does not drive with the last and up-to-date ITV. Once, I was not aware about my ITV which was not updated while I was driving my Nissan Navara 2016 Pick UP Visia and got a big fine because of it.


But carrying the expired ITV or not exceeding it are not the only practices related to the Technical Inspection of Vehicles punishable by the security forces. These are the five types of fines that have the ITV as the protagonist:

  • In case of driving without the ITVor with the ITV expired, the financial penalty will be 200 euros, which will be reduced by half with prompt payment.
  • In case of driving after trying to pass the inspection and leaving with an unfavorable result,the penalty is the same: 200 euros or 100 with prompt payment.


Collecting labels

  • If it is circulated after passing the ITV as negative, the fine reaches 500 euros, without the possibility of reducing the amount with prompt payment.
  • Driving with the approved ITV but without sticking thecorresponding label on the windshield is a punishable practice with an amount of 80 euros.
  • Driving with the ITV sticker on a car that has not passed itwill be considered a crime of using false certification. The sanction is not defined, but the Supreme Courtconfirmed a fine of 720 euros for this fact to a driver who wore the ITV sticker as he had passed it and that had a validity date until 2019 when the car had the ITV expired since May 2016. The high court resolved with this confirmation a question that had generated doubts before the resolutions, sometimes contradictory, of various provincial audiences. The Supreme Court confirmed that the certification and control process corresponds to the public administration, so any reproduction or manipulation of the ITV labels, as well as their unauthorized use, is a crime. 


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