Making the Web faster with GatsbyJS


Gatsby is an open-source framework that supports React.js for developing modern stack websites and applications. The concept of the static site generator isn’t now and it has been available since long within the tech market, the difference is that it has been integrated with WordPress and gained far more popularity amongst the people trying to seek out very best solutions for his or her websites. Gatsby designed and developed supporting the Jamstack technology is based on the  React framework that is the centre of attraction for many JavaScript developers


Pros of Modern Technology 

The advantage of technology is someone somewhere is usually performing on improvements and new releases and when multiple people are performing on it, they carry new features, plugins to the tool more frequently. The headless WordPress is additionally providing an enhanced editor and developer experience as mentioned below;

  • Gatsby Preview is available within the WordPress where you’ll view the content as sleep in the planning preview.
  • With the assistance of Incremental builds on WordPress new content and update is published instantly.
  • The URLs and therefore the images and other media files are often used with the Gatsby-link and image easily keeping the first plugin source through WordPress.
  • The changes on the web site are often made rapidly and regularly and new features and pages are often built still by limiting the number of nodes that are fetched during the event.
  • Gatsby processes the pictures that are referred to within the publish keeping the media library limited to the client-side view.
  • The plugin employed by WordPress i.e WP GraphQL automatically keeps the info updated and available to the Gatsby Project and therefore the SEO, eCommerce, translation and content modelling are often leveraged through one plugin.

Gatsby WordPress for Jamstack 

Gatsby is employed for the front-end design and static site generator whereas WordPress supports because of the back-end and therefore the location for the APIs i.e GraphQL. This structure may be a clear depiction of JAMstack technology with a replacement architectural structure with a variety of advantages from this revolutionary technology. Using the Git repository, you’ll source the dependencies and therefore the source plugin easily. just by adding WP GraphQL and WP Gatsby during your WP installation you’ll switch to Jamstack technology adding security and speed to your website. Gatsby Cloud helps in instant publishing of the content and you’ll seek guidance from the documents available on Gatsby JS and WordPress.


Jamstack is an infrastructure of website and JAMstack Themes development that supports microservices and detaches the front-end and back-end negating the standard structure of web development. With the change of your time, the structures are refining and improving the web site and application performance. WordPress is that the best CMS and most trending and on the opposite hand Gatsby is that the best Static Site generator so both of those best tools are brought together and linked through GraphQL APIs.



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