NCERT Solutions For Class 8 Maths is an easy way to crack the code

NCERT solution for class 8 maths

The National Council Of Educational Research And Training (NCERT) is a government organization that is built to assist the improvement in school education in India. They provide various educational kits and materials to help students with their studies. Many state boards and CBSE boards are following NCERT textbooks in their course curriculum. They provide a simple and easy understanding of all the concepts covered in the syllabus and make learning easy by explaining each topic fundamentally.

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths help the students of class 8 to solve the sums easily and learn the best problem-solving techniques. You can see that in every NCERT math book available to students there are exercises at the end of every chapter that students need to solve to assess their understanding. Sometimes they may not be able to solve sums on their own, or get stuck while solving the sums, so they can refer to the step by step solutions of NCERT to understand the appropriate approach to solving those sums.

Syllabus of NCERT Class 8 Maths

NCERT Class 8 maths solutions cover the following topics:

  • Chapter 1: Rational Numbers- Here students will get to know the real numbers, integers, whole numbers, rational numbers, and natural numbers. There are 2 exercises in this chapter that contain questions from all the topics mentioned.


  • Chapter 2: Linear Equations In One Variable- This chapter deals with linear equations in one variable. There are 6 exercises in this chapter with a total of 65 questions in them.


  • Chapter 3: Understanding Quadrilaterals- It covers different kinds of polygons, including triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagon, hexagon, etc. There are 4 exercises with 31 questions that help you to test your understanding of the concepts.


  • Chapter 4: Practical Geometry- This chapter includes a method of constructing a quadrilateral with various parameters given. You get 5 exercises with 8 questions to understand the chapter easily.


  • Chapter 5: Data Handling- Here you get a brief idea about the concept of probability. You get 3 exercises with 16 questions in it.


  • Chapter 6: Squares And Square Roots- Here students can learn about perfect squares and the square root of a number. There are 4 exercises with 30 questions in this chapter.


  • Chapter 7: Cubes And Cube Roots- Here students learn about the cubes of natural numbers, and cube roots of various numbers. This chapter has 2 exercises with 7 questions for the practice purpose of students.


  • Chapter 8: Comparing Quantities- This chapter helps students to learn the comparison between the increase and decrease of percentages, market value, sales value, discount etc. There are 3 exercises with 28 questions.


  • Chapter 9: Algebraic Expressions And Identities- The factors, terms and coefficients related to algebraic expressions are explained in this chapter. For the practice of students there are 5 exercises with 25 questions provided at the end of this chapter.


  • Chapter 10: Visualizing Solid Shapes- The various 3D solid shapes and their properties are explained in this chapter. It has 16 questions with 3 exercises that help you to understand the concepts


  • Chapter 11: Mensuration- Here students will learn to solve problems related to perimeter and area of plane closed figures like quadrilaterals. There are 4 exercises and 34 questions that help students to comprehend the concepts of areas and perimeter of various figures in a better way.


  • Chapter 12: Exponents And Powers- You learn how to use exponents to express the numbers in standard form and comparison of large numbers with small numbers. It has 2 exercises with 11 questions.


  • Chapter 13: Direct And Inverse Proportions- You get to learn direct and inverse proportion here. It has 21 questions with 2 exercises.


  • Chapter 14: Factorization- It includes factors of natural numbers and algebraic expressions. There are 34 questions with 3 exercises.


  • Chapter 15: Introduction To Graphs- Here students learn to represent different types of data with various kinds of graphs. It has 3 exercises with 13 questions that help students to learn.


  • Chapter 16: Playing With Numbers- Here students learn about various types of numbers like natural numbers, whole numbers, integers, and rational numbers. It has 2 exercises with 14 questions that help to understand the chapter easily.

In all these chapters the solution answers are divided into long and short answers accordingly as per the questions. All the exercises related to the chapters are given in a way to prepare the students for their exams and help them learn easily with solutions.


Online NCERT Class 8 Maths Solutions:

Students can easily register for online classes and learn all the chapters of NCERT class 8 math there. All the topics are available in the apps or the online platforms and NCERT solutions and sample papers are also there that help students to solve the problems easily and prepare them wisely for examinations. They can learn from home without going anywhere. The  NCERT class 8 maths solutions generally have the following advantages:

  • They include chapters covered in class 8 maths
  • Easy language and steps to help students understand in an efficient way.
  • Downloadable solutions to go through anytime anywhere.
  • They are available for free and students can use them wisely.

The Right Approach Always Guides to Success

NCERT Class 8 solution math subject has many chapters where they have details of each chapter and clear understanding of each point and where you get varieties of exercises at the end of each chapter that helps you to practice what you have learned. NCERT provides many sample papers and solutions to help students learn easily and clear the basic fundamentals in a proper manner. Students can take the help of NCERT solutions to solve exercises or clear doubt if any, which eventually is helpful in preparing them for exams and guide step by step how to attend and attempt each question carefully and wisely. The online apps also have NCERT class 8 Math books and solutions that make it easy for students to learn while at home and they can even download their books and solutions and read them anywhere, anytime which is convenient and an easy task for them. All this in total helps them to study better and stay focused and provide ways to excel in their exams with better techniques.




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