Motion Graphic: 8 Apps with Which You Can Create Animated Videos for Marketing

Motion Graphic

Do you know what you should start using right now in your video marketing strategy? The motion graphic.

80% of Internet traffic in 2019 will be generated by videos: we are literally surrounded by them.

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Videos are a fast, attractive and easy to consume communication format.

Just think that, according to a Google search, 6 out of 10 people prefer to watch videos online instead of watching TV.

If you haven’t started making videos yet, whether it’s for YouTube or Facebook, you should start now.

The animated video is a great way to save time and still create valuable content.

Here’s an example right away, to be clear:

Do you want to do such a thing? Read on.

 Motion Graphic

In this post we will go to understand together how (and why) to make motion graphic video:

  • What exactly is motion graphics?
  • Why should you use this technique to make viral content?
  • What are the sites and apps to create animated videos easily?

What is motion graphics?

It is a technique of animation that allows you to make interesting explanations of topics that would otherwise be dull and heavy.

In other words, it is the technique by which you see videos in which imagestexts and symbols move.

When you see a logo in motion – for example, in the intros of many videos – that is motion design.

Who is involved in making videos in motion is the motion designer:

Obviously, if you want to get professional results, like the ones you see in this video, you have to go to a professional.

However, you must know, today there are many online services that allow you to make simple animated videos.

3 reasons to start creating animated marketing videos

Until recently, infographics were the secret to creating effective content. The video animated are a natural evolution.

According to several studies, it is easier to explain some topics through an infographic. Other topics, on the other hand, are more suitable for an explanation through a moving video.

This is not a completely new technique: it was already used on television. However, today it is also possible to use it for the web.

How you do it? Soon we will see 8 online tools to create motion graphic videos.

Meanwhile, let’s see why you need to start including this content in your video marketing strategy:

1 – They transform complicated concepts into easy to understand information

A study has shown that we can process messages that are presented to us as videos or images in as little as 13 milliseconds.

Visual communication mirrors the way the brain processes information, which is why it is easier to understand what we see.

For this reason an animated services is ideal if you have to:

  • make a tutorial
  • do data visualization
  • Explain abstract concepts.

2 – It’s a bit like watching Netflix

According to a Tubular Insights report, users spend around 6 hours a week watching videos on social media.

In 2016, however, it was estimated that each Netflix subscriber would spend around 1.5 hours a day consuming content on the platform.

The reason is that watching a video is a passive experience.

It’s not like reading an article or a book: you don’t need to use a lot of mental energy to focus.

The motion graphic videos are the same thing: just get there, watch and learn.

3 – They have a tremendously high engagement rate

65% of those who watch your animated video will see at least 75% – a very high percentage.

An animated video has an average length of between 30 seconds and 3 minutes – and, most likely, you will be able to hold the viewer’s attention most of the time.

Think that, on the other hand, 55% of visits to your blog translate into less than 15 seconds of attention.

This means that you have to be very good at motivating those who come to the article to finish reading.

In any case, moreover, visitors will only read 20% of what you wrote – maybe even now you have skimming.

What does all this data mean? You have to keep writing long articles, but you have to start producing videos for those who prefer not to read so much.

Now, if you decide to be in the 45% of super-humans who are still alert, I’ll tell you how.

You are there? Let’s continue.

How to make motion graphics: 8 online tools you can use

When you want to create a motion graphic video you basically have 2 practical possibilities:

  1. Use professional programs, such as Photoshop, After Effects, and Adobe Animate, to create animations and set them in motion.
  2. Rely on easy-to-use online applications that allow you to create animated videos quickly and easily.

The process I’m about to walk you through is for novice users – or those who simply want to save time.

The tools I will recommend are suitable for anyone to use. You are there?

Here’s what you need to do to get started.

Step 1: Write a script for the video

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What do I want them to learn, remember or do?
  • What emotions do I want to feel?
  • What tone of voice should I use?

First of all you need to write a script for the video, in which to summarize all the necessary information.

If the video will have a narrative voice, write the lines it will have to recite. Otherwise, think in terms of the text to be read by the viewer.

Make sure you are short but comprehensive at the same time: leave no doubt to the viewer.

How can you be sure you made it clear? Reread.

When you have finished writing the script, leave the text aside for at least one day. Then take it back, review it and correct it.

If at some point you think your average user might be asking things like “so what?”, Go right now and answer that question.

Do you know why? When

Remember that:

  • You need to use language that your audience understands
  • The tone of voice must be in line with the brand (or personal brand )
  • To make a concept stay imprinted you should repeat it several times (in a different way)
  • The storytelling is the best way to convey ideas, even complex.

Step 2: View the finished video

Once you have the script ready, don’t go looking for an animated video program: first think about how to represent what you have to say.

The words are on the same level as the visual elements.

Make brainstorming with your staff and begin to create the finished product. Imagine it already in front of your eyes.

  • How many sequences will the video consist of?
  • What will be the images that will follow?
  • What characters or elements will have to appear?
  • What colors will be used?
  • How will the texts be arranged?

The ideal is to make a storyboard:

It is not necessary to be very good at drawing, the important thing is to give the idea of ​​what should appear on the screen.

Step 3: Use 1 of these 8 sites and apps to create animated videos

At this point we know exactly what to do: now let’s see how.

I told you before.

There are more professional solutions, but they are much more complicated. The ones I am about to list are simpler and faster alternatives.

1 – Animaker.

Animaker allows you to create 720 different types of animated videos:

This is a very simple online service to use. There are 3 premium packages ($ 12 to $ 39 per month), but there is also a free version.

2 – Biteable.

Biteable has 4 million users and allows you to create a video simply by choosing the scenes you want to insert or starting from a template.

Here is an example:

Also in this case there is a free version, very limited, while the premium packages range from $ 20 to $ 49 per month.

3 – Lumen5.

Do you have a blog? If the answer is yes and you have already published a lot of valuable content, Lumen5 is the solution for you.

In fact, it allows you to turn blog articles into interactive videos. All you have to do is enter the post link.

Once you have chosen the passages of the post to insert in the video, the game will be practically done: easier done than said.

You can start with the free plan, which allows you to create 480p videos with the Lumen5 branding. The paid plans, on the other hand, range from $ 49 to $ 149 per month.

Already with these 3 services you can really make many different types of videos. 


Let’s make a small summary of the things we said:

  • Motion graphic is the name of the animation technique that allows you to create videos in which images and text move.
  • You can use animated videos to create tutorials or to spread communications with a more attractive style.
  • The process of making an interactive video is: script-visualization-creation.
  • AnimakerBiteable and Lumen5 are 3 of the best online apps for creating motion graphics video.
  • There are many software to get professional results, but obviously they are complicated to use.




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