What are the Installation steps for Wi-Fi Range Boosters?


Wi-fi range extenders are considered as the best boost the wi-fi signals of the router to play games and stream HD videos. To learn how to set up the Range Extender, follow the steps listed below.

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  1. Locate the Range Extender in the same location where the Wi-Fi Router is mounted.
  2. Please ensure you have an internet connection that works correctly, and the router is WPS compatible.
  3. Change your router ‘s protection to WPA2-PSK (AES) to get the best results, as WEP is not supported by WPS.
  4. Tap the ‘On / Off’ button on the extender if you discover that the router is not switched on.
  5. For 2-3 seconds, tap and hold down the WPS button and the WPS LED will start blinking as you do so.
  6. Press the wireless router WPS button within two minutes.
  7. The WPS LED on the Wi-Fi extender will turn into a solid green as you do so. Solid green also turns the router link LED. The two LEDs that turn solid green indicate that the Wi-Fi extender is linked to the current network.
  8. In order to control your network from the palm of your hand, you can perform Mywifiext setup.
  9. Relocate the extender to a different location where there’s hardly any signal strength.
  10. Now, connect your wireless device to the Wi-Fi extender ‘s new SSID.
  11. The wireless network name (SSID) of the extender will be shifted to a current Wi-Fi network name. Look for the name with the extension ‘ EXT’ to find it.
  12. Connected to the Wi-Fi router, the Wi-Fi extender can ensure that a strong internet signal is enabled in your property. However, due to incorrect connections, installation and many other factors, Wi-Fi extension will often screw it up.

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Here are some of the most popular Wi-Fi Range Extenders major issues:

  • Wi-Fi Extender Light is not on.
  • Unable to configure the Wi-Fi booster
  • Wi-Fi extender that does not connect to the Internet
  • Unable to log into www.mywifiext.net
  • Range Extender will not connect to the router
  • Default wi-fi Extender password not functioning
  • Wi-fi Extender will not connect to the router
  • Default password for range extender
  • Can’t find wi-fi Booster configuration steps.


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