Different Kinds of Military Coins


The tradition of challenge coins started off in the US Military Force where it was used to represent or identify a battalion and signify the pride of service for the nation. Over the years, challenge coins were passed on to be used for various occasions and occupations.

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However, the use of challenge coins is still very much popular in the Military Force where it is also known as Military Coins. This item possesses sentimental value and is highly appreciated among the officials. Coin manufacturing companies offer great flexibility to place orders for customized military coins. Consumers can order custom military coins no minimum quantity as well.

Below we have listed down the types of different military coins that are readily available.

  1.   Army Challenge Coins

The establishment of Army Challenge Coins goes way back in the past. Traditionally, these coins were used to symbolize the devotion of soldiers towards serving their nation and the immeasurable sacrifice they gave. This customary use continued in the coming years and till today it has been followed.

Army Challenge Coins are typically seen in award ceremonies as they are presented to soldiers for their relentless dedication for serving the nation. These coins are manufactured in different styles that popularly include antique copper, 3D mold and several more.

  1.   Navy Coins

As the name suggests, Navy Coins are used to show gratitude and salute for the courageous act of Navy soldiers of the nation. Navy Coins are a highly prestigious item that is rewarded to the honorary officials and soldiers of the Navy.

Navy Coins are highly customizable and vary depending on the style chosen for its making. Yet again Navy Coins hold precious emotional value for the soldiers that serve in the Navy.

  1.   Air Force Coins

It has been almost 72 years now that the Air Force emerged and became a self-governing service branch. Sometime after that Air Force Coins became a crucial part of Airman’s life and till today it remains so.

Right after clearing the standard training, the recruiting cadets are rewarded with a coin that recognizes them officially as Airmen. Over the years, the Air Force Coins have been modified and improved for the best but the very essence of these coins still stays the same.

These coins are items of immense honor and are recognized as a symbol of prestige at Military Awards Events.

  1.   Marine Corps Coins

Marines are one of the oldest operating individual branches in the US Military. For over 200 years they have been serving the nation. Such a long tenure has given rise to traditions of dedication, loyalty and sacrifice that made their mark in history.

The use of Marine Corps Coins is one of the popular traditions that still today is followed popularly. Similar to other military coins, Marine Corps Coins also come in varied styles and are given to appreciate and recognize the great deeds of each marine man and woman.

They also play the role of valuable keepsake which indicates the time of honorary service for the nation.

  1.   Coast Guard Coins

Coast Guard Coins are very much similar to Army Challenge Coins that are given to men and women serving in the Coast Guard for their devotion and courageous act. Over the years, a wide variety of styles have been observed for Coast Guard Coins, all thanks to the customization options.


Military Coins are an item of great possession and are used popularly to reward and show appreciation to the acts of great deeds for the nation. However, each coin has its own value that cannot be replaced by anything else. Maybe that’s the reason why many coin manufacturing companies offer custom military coins no minimum quantity orders.




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