Top 5 Places To Visit In Southeast Asia


With thousands of islands and more than hundreds of traditional cultures & unique natural wonders. The region of Southeast Asia could take a whole lifetime to explore it. The region is also the most populous Muslim country across the world, very prominent Buddhist countries, and quite a significant Christian, Hindu, and Animist communities. 

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It offers several options to travelers with destinations that are both rich in culture and history. Southeast Asia is undoubtedly a place to visit to be. These destinations await you with a lot of adventurous surprises. So, plan your next holiday trip and visit the air mauritius official site to book your flight ticket instantly at low prices. Book now and visit these best places in Southeast Asia this upcoming vacation.

List of Top 5 Places To Visit In Southeast Asia you must know

  • Pink Beach, Indonesia

Pink beach is one of the seven most beautiful beaches in the world, it is located in Komodo National Park. The pink beach has gained popularity with its pink sands that are truly unique and one of a kind. The beach can also give you an awe-inspiring experience observing a number of Komodo dragons, a gigantic creature in their natural habitat. In addition to the pink sand and Komodo dragons, Pink beach also has scenery of the landscape of hills and vast marine national parks.

  • Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Mother of all temples in Cambodia, Angkor Wat is the most striking destination in the country. As the biggest and the most preserved temple, Angkor Wat is of great importance to Cambodia considering it is part of their national flag. This world-renowned temple is an archaeological gem with a series of stone sculptures and various epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. 

This temple is one of the largest in the world and is originally a Hindu temple but was transform into a Buddhist temple. The pillars and interior of the Angkor Wat are impressive due to the sheer precision and intricacy of every detail. Everything about the Angkor Wat is one of a kind and will surely leave you in awe and wanting more.

  • Bayon

Bayon is located in the complex of Angkor, known to have enormous rock-cut sculptures of faces.  The Bayon temple is home to 200 faces and 50 pillars, these mystical structures are popular all over the world and have been one of the reasons why Bayon is considered one of the best temples in Cambodia. It is believed that these sculptures represent Avalokitesvara or King Jayavarman VII. The temple is located amongst the trees without a wall or moat encircling the temple.

  • Coron Palawan, Philippines

Coron, Palawan is a destination that is just a sight for sore eyes, from its white-sand beaches, abundant coral reefs, and crystal clear water, Coron can also offer gorgeous terrains, karst cliffs, and limestone cliffs. It’s a gateway to 45 islets called Bacuit Archipelago and is surrounded by various diving destinations. It resembles the well-known Ha Long Bay in Vietnam and currently considered as top 4 in the list of “The Most Beautiful Beaches In The World”.

  • CON DAO ISLAND, Vietnam

Once a French prison for Vietnamese involved in the independence movement, Con Dao has gained popularity for its coral reefs, diverse marine life, and soft sandy beaches. Con Dao is a home for 16 islets and mostly uninhabited, each of which offers long stretched beaches shaded with evergreen trees.

Renowned for its sordid colonial past, the islets are considerably unspoiled due to the lack of proper transportation facilities. Being untouched for all these years the island’s pristine natural beauty and the soothing atmosphere was maintained and preserves. 

Perfect for escaping the bustling city life the island also offers activities like hiking, trekking, biking, scuba diving, snorkeling, and island hopping. Being one of Vietnam’s National Parks, Con Dao is home to marine wildlife animals namely, stingrays, barracudas, moray eels, dugongs, and green sea turtles.

Last words

As you can see, Southeast Asia has thousands of places to visit which took a lifetime to explore. If you are planning to visit any of the above places and you are on a budget. So, visit now and get many more money-saving tips and cheap flight tickets on delta airlines official site to book your flight tickets at very affordable rates to your desired destination and save big on your next holiday. 



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