How to Save Money When Outfitting Your Volleyball Team


If you are a coach of a volleyball team, a parent of a child who plays volleyball or the captain of your volleyball team you must know how difficult it is to outfit your team with custom volleyball team uniforms. It’s such a big hassle.

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You’ve got to take the size of every team member; you’ve got to make sure that you get them on time before the start of the season. If you’re the coach or the captain you’ve also got to deal with the issue of ordering again and again and getting the numbers changed because a lot of new players come and old leave.

With all that going on you won’t be even thinking of saving money. Your priority would be to just get your team nice custom team volleyball uniforms that fit them properly and get to them before game day. With that being said you should also try to save money while doing so. I know it might sound difficult, but here are a few tips that can help you save money when you are outfitting your volleyball team with custom volleyball team uniforms.

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How to Save Money When Outfitting Your Volleyball Team

  1. Always Take Accurate Measurements

One of the simplest ways to burn your dollars on custom volleyball team uniforms is by ordering the wrong sizes. Those wrong sized uniforms would be of no use and no one would wear them as it would affect their performance.

Plus the players cannot even change them with each other because of the squad numbers and names printed on the back. Even if the store you bought from does offer returns and exchanges, you will have to pay shipping for it and so the custom volleyball uniforms will prove to be even more expensive to you. Always take the accurate measurements so that your players can focus on their game. You’ll also save return and reorder costs.

  1. Order in Bulk

Bulk buying your custom volleyball team uniforms can help you save a lot of money. It is pretty basic but a lot you don’t even know about it. People think that only stores or large corporations can take advantage of bulk buying and wholesale deals. Guess again! There are stores like who offer loads of discounts and ship free on orders over $149. You know the whole team needs the same custom volleyball jerseys and custom volleyball shorts so you should order them in bulk and save some money, rather than placing small or independent orders.


  1. Plan Ahead and Order In Advance

A lot of times people don’t plan about their volleyball team uniforms and end up ordering hastily and then have to waste money on fast shipping or last minute customizations. When you plan about stuff beforehand and order in advance you won’t have to deal with these extra costs.

By ordering in advance you can also avail numerous different discounts plus you can opt for standard shipping and still will receive your customized volleyball team uniforms in time. Another issue with not ordering beforehand is that you might have to buy a design or material in urgency, which you don’t like and still you’ll have to overpay and buy them for you or your team.

A custom order may take up to 15 business day to be produced. You should keep that in mind and try to order 2-3 months prior to the day you’ll going to be wearing them.

  1. Always Go for Quality

Buying cheap volleyball jerseys and shorts may seem to you as if you are saving money but actually you are wasting money. Cheap products are usually made out of bad quality. The materials used are third class and are not durable nor deliver the comfort the wearer.

How can you save if you end up buying a uniform that does not even last a season and leave you uniform-less where you’ll have to buy new volleyball uniforms again and again to last the whole season. So in the long run you’ll have to buy shirts and shorts and pants again and again and pay shipping again and again.

This would increase the overall expenses. Good quality uniforms are also easy to clean and look clean and fresh for a longer period of time which means that they can be used for a longer time. This saves you from buying a new one thus saves you a lot of money.



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