What You Should Know Before Applying For Visa Subclass 500 Australia?


Australia is indeed a fabulous place for studying for every offshore student out there. So, do you also wish to study in a country like Australia? If your reply is yes, then apply for the visa subclass 500 as fast as possible. Before applying you should know a number of things about it. Given below is a complete checklist of the different aspects you didn’t know about the student visa 500. 

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Eligibility conditions

Prior to applying for the visa subclass 500 you should meet certain eligibility criteria properly. A comprehensive compilation of these eligibility criteria has been given below. 

  • The visa application must be in the best interest of the applicant aged less than 18 years. 
  • You shouldn’t possess a record of an Australian visa which was cancelled/refused before.
  • You shouldn’t be indebted to the Australian government.
  • As an applicant, you should also sign the Australian values statement.
  • You need to meet all the relevant health and character requirements. 
  • You must submit the statement of your Genuine Temporary Entrant to the Australian immigration department.
  • You should possess sufficient funds to meet your academic and other necessary costs while staying in Australia. 
  • You shouldn’t have possessed any other Australian visa before. 
  • If you are below 18 years, then make adequate welfare arrangements for yourself. 
  • You should get registered for a valid course and present substantial proofs concerning that. 
  • You should be of the eligible age in case you are a school student. This requires you to be 20 or 19 years old when you commence the 12th or 11th year. Similarly, you must be 18 or 17 years old when you begin the 10th or 9th year respectively. 

After meeting each of these criteria you can start the primary application procedure of your student visa 500. With this visa, you can stay in Australia for the next five years. The length of your stay will also depend on the course you have chosen. 

Things you can do

With the student subclass 500 you can do a number of things. First of all with this visa you can stay in Australia for up to five years. Secondly, you can study a legitimate academic course with this visa. Not only this, you can bring your family members to Australia with this visa as well. You can apply for this visa both while being outside and inside Australia online. 

Student Visa 500: Duration of the course and stay

As you already know that the student 500 lets you stay in Australia on a temporary basis. How long you can in Australia with this visa will depend on the course you have opted for. Comprehensive bits of information regarding the same can be considered below. 

Course less than 10 months

The concluding date of the visa will conventionally be one month more than the concluding date of your course. 

Course longer than 10 months (Ending between January-October)

The concluding date of the visa will be two months longer than your course’s concluding date. 

Course longer than 10 months (Ending between November-December)

The concluding date of the visa will conventionally be 15th March of the forthcoming year. 

Essential documents required

When applying for the student visa 500, there are certain documents which you must upload imperatively. To the minimum, you must provide the following documents. 

  • A valid Overseas Student Health Cover.
  • All the pertinent documents related to the registration of your academic course. These include the Confirmation of Enrolment from your Australian college/university and the enrolment form to name a few and 
  • A substantial passport which you are possessing currently. 

It is only after submitting these documents when the DoHA will approve your student visa 500. 

Time to apply for the student visa 500

After meeting all the essential student visa 500 requirements you need to apply for your student visa 500 now. To do this you must visit the official site of the immiAccount first. Next, you should create an account over there and lodge an application subsequently. After this, you should upload the digital version of each of the documents given above. Finally, you should pay the required application fee to attain a successful application of your student visa 500.

Await an outcome

The DoHA will inform you about the final outcome of your student visa through writing. This rule will apply no matter your visa has been approved or rejected. If former is the case then you will be given the expiry date, conditions and approval number of your visa. If latter is the case, then the DoHA will clarify you the valid reasons behind that as well. You will be apprised of your right to review the proclaimed decision too. 

Student Visa 500: The processing time

Aside learning about the several student visa subclass 500 conditions you must be aware of its processing time as well. The processing time of this visa will differ reasonably depending on the sector in which you have applied. In-depth pieces of information regarding the same have been outlined below. 

  • Have you applied in the Vocational Education and Training Sector? Then 75% and 90% of the applications will get processed in 43 and 77 days respectively. 
  • You can apply in the Higher Education Sector as well. In that case, 75% and 90% of the applications will get processed in 29 and 42 days respectively. 

You can seek the matchless assistance of a well-versed immigration agent Perth to apply for your student visa 500. A Migration agent Perth has the crucial knowledge and expertise to ensure the best visa application for you. 



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