Why is Primavera Better Than MS Project?


Primavera is a venture management software program like MS Project Software. Like MS project primavera software program includes portfolio control, product control, collaboration management and numerous different controls related to the assignment management.

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Primavera software integrates with other business enterprise tender wares like Oracle, ERP, and so on. Primavera software is quality proper for challenge planning, reporting and progress updating, tracking. 

Both primavera vs MS are generally referred to as task control software’s used for challenge making plans and execution for decreasing the hustles and bustles of the venture control and to boom productivity and performance. Primavera and MS-task both are the best innovations of era within the field of project management to eliminate the waste and needless wastes from the enterprise system.

Why You Must Join Hands with Croma Campus?

Well, institutions like Croma Campus has been in this subject for quite a long time now, getting any type of education related to IT and company discipline may be useful for any candidate. Croma Campus Placement is here to give you the best kind of Microsoft Project Online Training in the simpler manner. Candidates interested in Microsoft Project Training should get themselves certified from our institution as we have been considered the best in providing IT courses by so far. Get associated with us to have an extra-ordinary experience of learning.

Benefits of Acquiring Microsoft Project Certification

  • The benefits of receiving Microsoft assignment certification are pretty clean for any present-day age worker. Most businesses with computer infrastructure depend on Microsoft suites for diverse projects. As extra companies continue their transition into virtual global, it’ll be impossible for employers to lease computer illiterate personnel. Because maximum organizational tasks rely on Microsoft office, learning the way to use this software program is not handiest a demand for the IT workforce. Each worker may be predicted to have profound information in Microsoft task management. 
  • In reality, cutting-edge data suggest that employers are searching out personnel capable of managing present day software program and SAAS applications. Eighty-one% of today’s employers rely upon certification to determine the risks of hiring employees. One component for positive is that Microsoft is a well-hooked up service company and their software might be used for future years.
  • If you are a professional it professional already adept in the use of Microsoft suites and packages, you can go for the exam. Nevertheless, it’s by far usually beneficial to comb up your talents via enrolling in the 3-day education. This will assist you expect questions and recall numerous aspects of the software program that you have not utilized in a long term and can have forgotten sure easy things.

Difference Between Primavera and Microsoft Project

  • Primavera allows problem and disk recording. MS Project lacks the characteristic of challenge problems and threat monitoring. 
  • In primavera net, aid records just like the planning and documentation of the task can be transformed into html at once from the software program without the help of any 1/3 celebration software. MS Project does not provide any characteristic to convert facts from one format to some other directly from the software program. 1/3-party software can be used for this reason in case you are the usage of MS-venture software. 
  • It lets in creating sub-activities of hobby by using breaking the principle interest into different steps with personal begin and end date. MS Project does not offer the sort of functionality for developing sub-sports.
  • Primavera software program p6 supports specific identity function and is beneficial in projects using hobby identity structures. MS Project does now not aid precise identification feature and the interest ID is dependent on the location of the pastime.


MS Project has the most job opportunities and in India, it’s evolving day by day.  Well, MS Project is one of the most looked for skills. It will be highly beneficial for the candidates to get certified from Croma Campus as it’s been considered the best providers of Microsoft Project Online Training. Here, our agenda is not only to give the adequate information to our clients but also clear they’re each and every doubt. 


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