7 tips to perfectly style your wet curls

curly hair

Your curly hair is your crown and you should wear it with pride! And, some style. Wet Curls always have their own way to be and after a wash they voluminous and cannot be tamed.

Hence, that’s where hair cream for curly hair comes in. Hair is the exact opposite of oil, yet has two in one benefits if you’re using a natural hair cream for curly hair specifically like Arata’s Hair Cream. A natural hair cream doesn’t only nourish your hair but also acts like an excellent styling agent for those unmanageable curly hair days.

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What does a hair cream do?

Wet curls

A hair cream for curly hair specifically gives your hair an all-natural soft hold, while providing nourishment also. It adds a subtle, natural-looking shine to hair, and is suitable for all hair types– frizzy, curly, wavy, and straight.

Again we suggest you use a natural hair cream for curly hair as too many chemicals makes your curls weak, dry and damaged and more unmanageable. And, one of the best in Indian markets for natural hair cream is Arata Hair Cream completely vegan and natural.

Which cream is best for natural hair?

The best hair cream for curly hair is one with natural ingredients that nourish and strengthen the scalp while sculpting your hair, like Arata hair cream that provides a Non-greasy texture, soft hold, and high volume that make your curls even more presentable, hence making it one of the best natural hair cream for curly hair.

We would also like for you to note that hair cream works wonders in any kind of hair type, so go on and get your hands on this magical product.

Can I use hair cream daily?

 curly hair

A natural hair cream for curly hair should be good to use everyday like the Arata hair cream it is suitable for daily use, and can be used after shampooing your hair, either as a leave-in conditioner, a pre-styler before using a gel or as the styling hair cream for curly hair. Since it is water soluble and rinses out easily, it does not feel heavy on the hair, at all!

How do you apply hair cream?

You need to take a pump of the hair cream for curly hair in your palm and warm it up using your fingers and then apply it directly on the roots as well as hair, and make sure you apply it evenly over all of your hair and scrunch it in for defining your wet curls! The Arata hair cream can be used on both dry and damp hair.You could use a wide-tooth comb to ensure better distribution if you want.

After you’re done with setting your hair with a hair cream for curly hair, try and touch your curls as little as possible. Air-dry or blow-dry gently, and keep them naturally flowing for a couple of hours until it’s completely dry. Once it’s dried well, you will have well-defined curls and you can style them however you wish to.

How often should you apply hair cream?

As already stated, a natural hair cream for curly hair specifically can be used every day because the natural ingredients cause least of the harm. Rather nourishes your hair, and gives you well defined wet  curls.






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