How to earn money with Whatsapp?


After years of sharing messages, photos, videos, stickers and animated GIFs; WhatsApp has become the hub of communication between billions of people. There are those who use it to share working documents and conduct remote consultations and those who use it to video call friends and family.

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However, few people know that many companies choose WhatsApp to win, using diverse, imaginative, decidedly more direct and personal methods. They are very different from the marketing that has been done with SMS. The question that arises is this: is it possible to win on WhatsApp? And how can everyone do it?

The difference between some and other social applications is the same operation of the same.

WhatsApp has its own “idiosyncrasy” and people have a more or less similar way of using it. Video calls, voice messages and of course, text blocks are very popular when we talk with friends.

How to earn money on WhatsApp?

There are many ways to earn on WhatsApp. But all are subject to the regulations in force on confidentiality implemented in the European Union. To avoid being reported on WhatsApp, it is important to prepare a specific authorization to process the data, obtaining explicit consent in order to receive marketing messages from all the people to whom you want to send this particular content.

1. Make Money on WhatsApp with PPD Sites

One of the techniques most used by companies who want to earn on WhatsApp (and which, in fact, can be used by ordinary people as well) is most commonly referred to as PPD (short for Pay Per Download). This is a service offered by different networks, to which it is necessary to register and which must be used as real sites for hosting documents, videos, photos, songs, etc.

Once registered on these sites, you share the link for downloading certain documents with your contacts on WhatsApp or you can create your own whatsapp groups where you can share valuable content for free with PPD link.. Then, a commission will be credited and will be paid when you reach a certain download threshold, musically set in KB. There are several very safe and reliable PPD networks, including and

2. Earn on WhatsApp with affiliations

All services that offer Amazon discounts or discounts linked to other online stores earn with the affiliate system. The  affiliate program  aims to advertise, precisely through marketing campaigns, certain products which, if sold, will generate a percentage of profit on each sale made through the chosen e-commerce.

To use this method and earn money on WhatsApp, you must first  sign up for one of the many affiliate programs available  (the most famous are Amazon ). Then look for the most interesting products or to sell with the biggest discount. Get the affiliate link, just send it to your WhatsApp contacts and wait for someone to make the purchase.

And like Telegram, WhatsApp is also one of the best mediums for affiliate campaigns because unlike SMS, the messages sent and received are much richer in images and information.

3. Make Money on WhatsApp with URL Shortening Services

Another phenomenon that has grown rapidly in recent years is that of URL shortening services. They are real portals created in order to reduce the URLs of sites or services, in order to facilitate sharing. Well, these shortened links allow the users who create them to earn as well. In practice, you earn thanks to the clicks received for each article opened by your contacts.

So it doesn’t take much to realize that sharing these particular links on WhatsApp is particularly profitable. Once you have shared a certain link with your contact, when it is opened, it will display an advertising banner, before returning it to the original connection. That way, those who share the links will win with every opening.

On the web, there are many URL shortening sites that allow you to earn with WhatsApp. And one of the most famous is without a doubt, which pays up to $ 08 for 1000 visits.

5 Promoting apps

You have surely seen it in the online application market.

In many of them they offer us a reward system for getting new registrations.

It is a similar method to the affiliate, but does not require such a deep association. Normally it will be enough to be registered in the service and look for the promotion link that is usually in some “corner” of the web.

It is not that it is a method to earn a lot of money, but it does serve to earn some extra money.

Now, I’m also telling you that using it very commercially with friends can seem quite spammy. Better to just try to use it commercially, and for this you better have a niche in which you are an expert. For this, the best, as I said in point 1, is to have a website. Or you can google about whatsapp group links and join some groups where people want to earn and share your apps referral links.

5. Earn money on WhatsApp by sharing pictures

It may sound strange. But it is also possible to earn on WhatsApp by sharing simple photos. Photos that will clearly need to be uploaded to a specific archive site and will pay up to $ 07 for every 1,000 unique visits received.

The most famous sites are: Image Twist and PixelSense. To use them, a quick registration will be enough to start by uploading photos and sharing them on WhatsApp. The sharing will be done via a link, which will be previewed very similar to that of a real photograph.


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