Ice Cube Net Worth 2020

Ice Cube Net Worth 2020

Ice Cube Networth 2020. Multi-talented actor O’Shea Jackson popularly known as Ice Cube was born on June 15, 1969. Ice Cube lives in the United States of America.

Ice Cube Biography

Ice cube is a director, producer, rapper, writer, and actor. Cube also attended William Howard Taft High School, in Woodland Hills, California, and married Kimberly Woodruff on April 26, 1992. Ice cube is blessed with four lovely children.

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At age 17 he began his C.I.A rap group in the year 1986 and later joined Dr. Dre and Eazy-E to form the N.W.A rap gangsta style group in 1987. The rapper then went solo in the year 1989.

Ice Cube Networth 2020

Award-winning US rapper, actor and director Ice Cube net worth are around $160 Million. Most will be wondering what he does to make such huge money. Read on as we provide you answers to your question what is ice cube net worth and how does he make them.

Through his movie, music, and directing career  the American actor is worth $160 Million.

Ice Cube Film awards

Ice Cube has received nominations for several films in the past. To date, he has won two awards:

  • 2000: Blockbuster Entertainment Award: Favorite Action Team (for Three Kings)
  • 2002: MECCA Movie Award: Acting Award

Music awards

  • VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2006
    • 2006 Honoree Snoop Dogg
  • BET Hip-Hop Awards 2009
  • BET Honores 2014




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