11 Natural soothing solutions for low blood pressure

blood pressure

We often see individuals getting treated for high blood pressure (Hypertension) but, some individuals have their blood pressure below the normal levels know as hypotension. We may think it is good to have that, but low blood pressure still has serious ramifications in our life.

On the regular check-up if you don’t display any symptoms, then your healthcare provider may not prescribe you medicines to shoot your blood pressure.  But, you should be aware that, low blood pressure can invite many symptoms like fainting, fatigue, nausea, blurred vision, fainting to name a few. 

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In a normal situation individuals with hypotension will not end up in a dangerous situation other than fainting, but, in some extreme cases it can lead to shock which might need emergency medical attention as the blood supply to the vital organs may slow down suddenly which may cause damages to the body organs and structures.  

There are many home remedies naturally to raise blood pressure to a normal level in a healthy way. So, here we have consolidated a few natural remedies to soothe it. Let’s go through them in this article.

What are the symptoms you notice when you have low blood pressure?

The following are the symptoms of hypotension which include

  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Stiff neck
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Shallow and rapid breathing
  • Pale skin
  • Seizures
  • Inability to focus
  • Loss of consciousness or blackout
  • Dizziness 
  • Blurred vision
  • Feeling cold
  • Feeling thirsty
  • Depression 

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 11 healthy ways to raise blood pressure naturally:

Lack of adequate oxygen and nutrition can cause hypotension. Apart from this, certain medical reasons like pregnancy, anemia, hormonal imbalance, anaphylaxis, heart disease, aging, any underlying medical conditions, neurological diseases, and kidney disease can cause hypotension in individuals.  Lifestyle modifications along with natural remedies can make you help raise your blood pressure. So, here are a few tips compiled for you:

  1. Electrolyte imbalances in the body can lead to hypotension. Hence, drink enough water and keep you well hydrated, especially if the atmospheric pressure is high, during fever, or at the time of dysentery. 
  2. Increase the amount of salt you use in your daily diet. Add salted nuts, salted cheese, and cured meats to raise your blood pressure.
  3. Maintain the levels of vitamin b12 and folate consumption as this helps to raise your blood circulation and blood pressure in the body. Include fortified cereals and dairy products in your diet. You can boost your vitamin b12 and folate levels with supplements. Order health supplements from a reliable online medical store with free doorstep delivery.
  4. Exercise helps to improve blood circulation. So, try adding light workouts to your daily routine. Also, pay attention to your symptoms before doing it as exercising can aggravate your symptoms.
  5.  Include frequent small and rich carbohydrates and balanced meals in your diet. Add a lot of veggies, fruits, lean meat, fish, and green leafy vegetables as part of our diet plan.
  6. Stay away from drinking an excessive amount of alcohol as it can further reduce your blood pressure.
  7. Sitting with legs crossed has shown to decrease your blood pressure. 
  8. Avoid sudden and quick body movements or position changes. This can cause dizziness, fainting, or lightheadedness. 
  9. Wear compression stockings to improve blood flow in your legs. It also helps to relieve pressure and pain associated with varicose veins. 
  10. Enjoying the goodness of almond milk every day helps to boost your blood pressure levels naturally. 
  11. Increase your blood pressure levels by drinking caffeinated tea and coffee. 

When to see the doctor?

If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, then consulting your doctor is a must. Sometimes, any underlying medical conditions may invite low blood pressure in you. Your doctor can address your situation and if medicines are prescribed, order them from any trusted online pharmacy store by uploading the doctor’s prescription directly on the websites or apps and get the medicine delivery at your doorstep. 


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