4 Ways to Brainstorm Content Ideas From Old Posts

brainstorm content ideas

Ideation is the most creative and exclusive act in the world. It gives birth to innovation which remains for posterity. Only a handful of people have the potential to produce innovative content ideas.

Most of the people did lose themselves in the journey of brainstorming. Because they don’t know that for brainstorming they just have to look at their archives. Moreover, many of your old posts have remained incomplete or require sequels. So, it is better to extend them rather than finding new ones. This will save you energy and time.  

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Let’s dive in to know how can you use old posts to brainstorm content ideas:

In this article, we are going to discuss 4 potential ways to brainstorm content ideas. Read the complete article to comprehend each way in detail.

  1. Complete the incomplete ideas

Our mind is full of ideas. Though we don’t utilize it. 

Sometimes we are so busy that we often neglect the ideas. So it is better to write down your ideas. This way, you won’t miss any idea and you can utilize each one. Also, execute the ideas which you were ignoring for a long time. 

We all live in a habit to postpone work. Similarly, we think that we will write a story on this or that topic. And later we forgot about it. Therefore, pressurize your mind today and think about what topic you always wanted to write about. Research on the following topic today not tomorrow. And start writing on the same day. This way you will get a story as well as many other content ideas.  

  1. Have a look at the old posts

Exploring content ideas is a hectic and fatigue process. But it won’t be if you take a look at the old posts published by you or on your website. You can always republish or twist them by devoting some time. Just brainstorm inside your mind and you will come up with plentiful content ideas. The emerging ideas would be inventive and more prevailing than ever. 

In the end, you won’t believe that old posts have so much that you have not required any other source to come up with ideas.

  1. Examine your competitors’ archives

Checking out your competitors’ posts is the easiest thing. You just need to devote time to read their blogs. But what if someone doesn’t have time to track his competitors’ activities? In this case, he could try a digital marketing company in Amritsar. The company will keep all records of your potential competitors. Besides, the company will brainstorm content ideas for you from your competitors’ archives. 

For unique ideas, read the blogs of brands of different industries. The more you read the more you get the ideas. Write down every idea emerging from your mind. 

  1. Listen to your audiences

Audiences’ feedback is one of the significant things. You should always pay attention to every feedback from your audiences. Because it is very valuable for your development. If you are looking for new ideas then you should probably read all the comments of your audiences to the old posts. It would nourish your mind and help you to come with new topics. Now, you have an idea of what type of content your audiences are demanding. So, you can think about and write accordingly. 

Once you start focusing on your audiences’ reaction; you won’t run out of content ideas. Audiences’ feedback works as a key for the content ideas. 

Moreover, you can also ask your audience for ideas. Or you can ask what type of content they are expecting from you. Always remember that your audiences are just like God. And God has all the solutions. 


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