5 Traits of a good Singapore property agent


Buying a property is one of the biggest steps any adult can take. It is something that should not be decided on an impulse. Careful thinking, planning, and even financial saving should be poured into this before taking such a huge leap.

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There could be hundreds of properties that are pleasing to the eyes. Especially when you feel the excitement of finally getting yourself one. However, you must always remember that this is not something that can be taken lightly.

We can think that we have given it so much thought and planning but still miss something at the end of the day. This is why the need for a Singapore property agent is important to help you decide this matter. A property agent should be skillful enough to walk you through the ropes of buying your first property. 

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As there would be many properties available to you, there would also be many Singapore property agents available to hire. In this article, we will help you land the right one as we talk about the 5 traits of a good Singapore property agent.

#1 Honesty

As a consumer myself, one of the things I value the most is honesty because then everything will follow. Working with someone honest can both get you in the same level of understanding. You as the client can get your expectations straight if your Singapore property agent is honest about what he or she can give you.

Being honest about one’s skills, experience, and talents may come a long way especially with real estate as it involves a big amount of money and great effort from both parties. It is the best way to be able to put your trust in your agent.

One way to know your agents honesty is to check if they are in any way connected to any big real estate firms or associations in your local neighborhood. This way a trusted organization can vouch for them. 

#2 Has a wide connection

One indication that your Singapore property agent is good at what he or she does is when they have a wide connection.

A game of who knows you and who you know. In industries where connections are important, having a wide reach is something valuable.

It can also mean that your agent does a good job in the field. With this, it benefits you in a way that your choices for a new property also have variations and different choices. They also help you get the best property prices Singapore options available.

The best indication that your agent has a wide range of connections is them being involved with different associations or organizations. It is where they contact people working in the same industry as them and make good deals. 

#3 Knowledgeable

A good property agent is obviously someone who is knowledgeable about everything real estate related. From the best locations to the best property prices Singapore choices can offer.

A good property agent is someone who knows that they are handling a big part of the client’s financial earnings. Make sure that your agent knows what you want and where to direct you to get exactly that. A knowledgeable property agent will not let you settle with anything less than what you asked for. 


#4 Problem-solver

You are choosing your real estate agent because you want them to solve a problem for you. Whether it involves the design of the next property you want to procure or something about property prices Singapore variations, a good agent should be able to solve that.

The problem of looking for the perfect property match for you is something the agent should handle well. In addition, when in the middle of the process, things do not go according to plan, the property agent should al;so be able to mend things for you and get things back on track. 

#5 Committed

Your agent should know that big things are on the line when you look for a property. Sometimes even someone’s life-savings are involved. A good agent is someone who shows you what your money is worth.

Someone dedicated and committed enough to find the property that best fits you. It means that he or she can find the best deals for you. Deals that  fit both your taste in design and are something within your budget. Being a committed agent is making your clients’ financial capacity fit the usual property prices Singapore options.

Find the right agent.

Know everything you need to know before acquiring your first ever property in Singapore. We offer different discussions that include things to note before choosing your property agent to property prices Singapore trends during times like these.

Make smart decisions with your hard-earned money. Be knowledgeable and equipped enough before making a big decision.  With SRX Property, we can help you take that leap. 



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