“Empower your circle to stay rich” – Davido reveals his secret to wealth

Davido Biography And Net Worth

Award winning Nigerian singer Davido has taken to Twitter to advise his fans on how to become rich.

According to the singer, the secret to riches in life is when an Individual empowers him or herself.

Davido is one of the richest musicians in Nigeria and one of the  best African Artiste Nigeria can boost of.

Below is what he wrote;

“Wanna stay Rich ?? Empower your circle … simple maths”

Many of his followers and fans have so far reacted to  his advise with majority thanking him for the piece of advice.

Below are some reactions from followers;

“@davido thanks for this.

Exactly the mistake our government makes, investing in human development trumps all kind of natural resources you’ll ever have.

Your talent can’t take you far for life, you need empowerment in human resources for futuristic support.”

“No cap like Yoruba proverb one rich man among 10 people him self poor but if you help them then you all are rich (coming together to be more successful) no cap @davido You get brain e plenty 💝”

“Nigerian guys with low iq always feel some type of way if their friends are getting same bread as them they want to be boss and ahead instead of making this money together and get rich together forever”



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