Top 10 iPhone Accessories to Buy in 2020

iPhone Accessories

Getting the best possible benefits of your iPhone can be real by using some right accessories. Whether you are looking for a gizmo to juice up your Mac devices or just want to enhance the camera quality, you will need relevant accessories and this post is all about those top accessories. 

Accessorizing your Mac devices will make them more useful and capable of doing things. You will surely adore the utility you will receive after start using accessories. When you will look for iPhone accessories you will find an abundance of them and choosing the best ones for yourself would be a difficult task.

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Those accessories will eliminate frustration and make it possible to do things in a much better way. After buying the best accessories you will access the top utility of your Mac devices. I have created a featured list of some of our favorites and here are they.

1.Fujifilm Mini Printer

When it comes to a mobile camera, the brand Apple has done wonders in making the best quality mobile cameras. This has truly revolutionized the whole smartphone industry and many other brands start focusing more on upgrading their camera’s quality and power.

Team your iPhone with the Fujifilm mini printer and get access to HD prints of your captured images within a few seconds. Connect it wirelessly over Bluetooth with your smartphone and print photos instantly. Download the parent Fujifilm app, do some photo editing using the app and print the pictures with just a few clicks.

2.Powerbeats Cordless Earphones

Earphones are one of the staple smartphone accessories and you should also own one. The main challenge was to make them wireless a few years ago and now it has been resolved. These days both earphones and headphones have become cordless and work on Bluetooth connectivity.

The Powerbeats earphone featured here is designed to fit more snugly and comfortably. It consists of ear hooks which are magnificently adjustable and provides great comfort and convenience to the ears no matter if you are wearing it for even hours.

The sound quality is undoubtedly far better than its competitors and also beats fashion thanks to its elegant made and cheeky design. Its punchy bass is one of the main attractions other than durability which is the major selling point of the Powerbeat cordless earphone. The IPX4 rating makes it water and sweat resistant and an ideal gadget for fitness freaks.

3.Screen Protector

Accidents can happen to anyone and anytime. Your iPhone screen becomes the major victim in case of any minor accident and that’s painful a lot. You must look for the relevant accessory specially designed to protect your iPhone screen.

It’s easy to get scratches and cracks in smartphones during the daily life chaos. A quality screen protector will guard the original screen of your iPhone and during an accident, it will bear all the pressure on itself and will protect the real display. 

4.Long Charging Cable

Are you one of those who want a power socket near their bed to juice up their USB devices especially the iPhone? If you are lucky enough and got the power socket near your bed then it will easy for you to access your smartphone while resting on your bed.

If you haven’t that luck then there isn’t anything to worry about. This problem can be easily solved by using a long charging cable. The cable you receive with your iPhone is quite short and weak too. The Native Union charging cable featured here is 10 feet long as well as strong and durable enough.

5.External Camera Light

The iPhone’s camera is one of the most powerful smartphone cameras. You can capture high-quality images during day time as well as in low light conditions. iPhone’s low light photography skills are much better than most of the android smartphones and can be better if teamed with external camera light and the Lume Cube light featured here could be the best one to choose from.

6.Wireless Charger

If your iPhone is Qi-enabled then you must switch to wireless charging from the wired one. It injects 10W of power to fast charging supporting devices and 7.5W to those which doesn’t support it. Wireless charging provides peace of mind and great convenience.

The RawPower cordless charger listed here makes it possible to juice your iPhone without attaching any charging cable. You can juice your iPhone XS, X, XR, 11, 8, and the Max series using this elegant piece of the innovative device. A small LED indicator provides the real-time charging stats and lets you know if your iPhone is charged or still charging.

7.Waterproof Case

Do you want to take your iPhone underwater and capture photos? For doing this you will have you make it fully waterproof. The Lifeproof iPhone case can make that happen as it is built to make your iPhone capable of dealing with aquatic life. This case is designed and developed in such a way that it allows the users to take their iPhone in almost 2 meters deep water for more than 1 hour.

8.Camera Lens

It’s true that your iPhone’s camera is great but it can be better by teaming it with few external camera lenses. The Olloclip lens set consists a wide-angle, macro, and fish-eye lenses which will help you explore your smartphone photography skills. The best thing about this lens set is that it is very easy to attach and use and also easily detachable.

9.Power Banks

iPhones are great to build and one of the most innovative phones but their battery capacity may disappoint you as they get discharged quickly compared to their Android counterparts. A quality power bank can solve this problem by charging it and make it possible to access your iPhone even while traveling. Power banks come with huge battery capacity and can juice your iPhone and other USB enabled devices for more than one time throughout the day.

10.Apple Watch

No other device can match the relevancy other than a quality apple watch when it comes to the best iPhone accessories. Teaming it with your iPhone could be the best decision of yours. You can do all your iPhone kind of tasks including calling, text messaging, accessing social media, and others from your Apple Watch. 

Bottom Line:

Accessories and tools make our life easier. These pieces of innovative gizmos also save our lot of precious time and effort and make it possible to perform the tasks even in a better way. If you love to own Mac devices and prefer an iPhone instead of Android smartphones then teaming your iPhone with a handful of relevant and worthy accessories will help you make more from your iPhone.


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