Relationship Issues. Just Think About This

Relationship Issues……Just Think About This

Can You get 8 out of 10 randomly selected men in our Churches who have never cheated on thier wives or 8 out of 10 young women who are dating and not having another guy in addition by way of relationship?, sponsor etc or 8 out of of 10 boys and girls who are not niether dating nor married and not having sex already?

Are You sure we can get these numbers from our Churches, Mosque or even the larger Society?

Cheating and lies in relationship have become normal today.Having multiple partners is even glorified.Most of You (8 out of 10) date for purposes other than loving and building a future.The few faithful ladies fall in love with players and vice versa.In the end they get hurt badly and become bad like everyone else.

Knowimg all these,do You still think and find marriage relevant? Don’t get me wrong, Marriage is an institution is very important, but with what You know of this 21 century generation,You still think marriage is important.

Women have come to accept that their husbands will cheat on matter what they do,same for the guys about their wives.

You know the obvious conclusion…….


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