For many MBA applicants, the admission essay is the most dreadful part. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. However, the MBA admissions directors generally hold these essays in high regard, right next to the interview. So, you should always make sure you write something unique staying true to yourself.

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Although every essay prompt is different, there are a few essentials that every good MBA essay must follow. Here, we have come up with these strategies that will help make your essay unique and engaging.
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Answer the Question Asked

MBA admissions essay prompts ask a question and you must be focused throughout your writing about answering it. MBA applicants are often highly qualified and thus it’s easy to get tempted and include as many details of your accomplishments in the essay. While thinking out of the box is fine, the actual question must not be missed out. It’s surprising how many applicants write beautiful essays but completely miss answering the question asked. So, remain focused and always answer the question in your essay.

Be Succinct

Many full-time MBA programs are nowadays doing with shorter essay word limits. This means that you need to be clear and succinct in your essay writing.
Remember that your essay is not the only thing you’ll be submitting. Apart from that, there will be every detail about you, in the application form, your resume, that the admissions committee will take into account while making the selection.
So, you don’t need to squeeze in every detail in your essay. Instead, focus on the key highlights. Mention some interesting details and express your authentic voice through the essay.

Be Authentic

While writing an MBA admissions essay, you’ll do well if you keep aside your thoughts about what the admissions committee probably wants to hear and be authentic instead. Your experiences and qualities are unique to you and those are your biggest selling points. So, do not try and become someone else in your writing. If you care less about saving the environment, just don’t pretend. If you are not interested in a non-profit, then don’t. Your essay should portray a clear picture of who you are and not doing that can mean more harm than good.

Keep the Language Approachable

The language you use in your particular industry might be foreign to others. The admissions committee members come from every background and it’s not necessary that someone from your background will view your essay. So, using more industry-specific language in your writing can mean the directors will not fully understand what you are trying to convey.
So, keep the language general so that everyone can understand your essay. If you want to include any achievements that are industry-specific, always provide what its significance is.

Keep the Language Simple

Writing an MBA essay is just telling your story. And you want to make sure everyone reading it understands and appreciates it. One way of doing that is keeping your flowery text to a minimum and use only easy to understand the text.
While you should make every effort to avoid grammatical mistakes and typos, you should not get tempted to use a very flowery writing style. Make your writing easy to follow and limit the use of difficult words and phrases.
These are the factors you need to keep in mind while writing an MBA essay. Following these tips will surely help you write a more approachable and authentic essay which will help you get admitted to your favorite institution.
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