15 Best places in India for rafting

India is an incredible destination for adventures, and rafting is one of the major activities that people like to do. Below are the Best places in India for rafting.

 15 Best places in India for rafting


1.Rafting on the Arunachal Pradesh River, Brahmaputra.

The river Brahmaputra, also called Tsangpo in Tibet, is one of the major streams in Asia. The river runs across three different countries, namely China, India and Bangladesh. It is also one of the few rivers that display a tidal bore. The river passes through the Tibetan region, crosses the great Himalayas and then before it reaches the Arunachal-Pradesh-hill, the highest mountain in the world – Namche Barwa.

2. Beas river rafting expedition, Kullu-Manali.

Beas River offers rafting enthusiasts a very basic experience. The Beas river rafting section is 14 km away. It begins in Pirdi and ends in Jhiri. The 2-3 rapids are installed and the rafters are slightly twisted. The rates depend once again on the rafting distance chosen.

3. Teesta river, Darjeeling and Sikkim.

The Teesta River is native to Northern Sikkim and passes through western Bengal. The river is 310 km long, rising in the Eastern Himalayas. If you are visiting Darjeeling or Sikkim you can join family members or friends in white-water rafting. River Teesta and R river flow through the Himalayan mountains and create a spray of white-water and rafting fast speeds for beginners or seasoned rafters of all types.

4. Kundalika river, Maharashtra.

River rafting Kundalika is popularly known as river rafting Kolad. Rafting is at very reasonable prices, but it could depend on factors such as the current season, the route chosen, and of course the number of people in a group. It’s open around the year and is very close to both major cities like Pune and Mumbai. The most important thing about kodal rafting. The company of highly experienced swimmers and rafting experts is excellent for safety with quality security equipment.

5.Alaknanda river rafting, Uttrakhand.

River Alaknanda is one of India’s most adventurous and exciting river rafting sites. It’s a rafting trip of 25 km for 7 days. Some of the most rapid of the expedition are three Blind Mice, Return to Sender, and Roller Coaster. The difficulty at the expedition level is certainly high and designed for brave and thoughtful people. Also, you can enjoy cliff jumping, body surfing and playing other than rafting on the river beach volleyball.

6. Zanskar river rafting, Ladakh.

The northern Zanskar River is dependent on the Indus. River rafting in Zanskar River gives you the chance to experience the spectacular scenery, mountain ranges, magnificent towns and views of Leh Ladakh’s unique wildlife. Rafting prices vary depending on your chosen distance.

7. Kali river rafting, Dandeli, Karnataka.

The river Kali forms a border between India and Nepal. Kali River Rafting is an ideal destination not only for beginners, but also for experienced adventure riders, starting from Pancheshwar and ending at Tanakpur. Tariffs vary according to the chosen distance.

8.Rafting Ganga, Rishikesh River Ganga.

Rishikesh is the first name in everybody’s mind when thinking of rafting. In addition to rafting, Rishikesh also offers many adventure activities, such as camping on the beach, bungee jumping, flying foxes, and swinging. Rishikesh, Holy City has many yoga and meditation centers and the right place to practice yoga and meditation in peace. Prices vary from the chosen distance.

9.River Barapole, Coorg, Karnataka River Expedition.

River rafting is packed with fun and exciting events in Barapole. Five big speeds exist and a rafting session of 3 kilometers takes a full 2 hours. Prices vary according to the chosen distance.

10. Spiti river expedition, Kullu.

Spiti River is the best place to river raft in India for athletes and risky people who flow into the magnificent Spiti Valley. The Spiti River may spend at least 6 days. You will be able to see the beauty of Himachal Pradesh right from the glaciers to the fresh villages.

11. Bhagirathi river expedition, Uttrakhand.

It is a leading stream of the Ganges and is regarded as a sacred place in Hindu religion and culture. Rafting on the river Bhagirathi is certainly exciting, although it’s extremely difficult to raft on the Bhagirathi. Rafting on the Bhagirathi River also provides an insight into the exquisite countryside. Elephant rock and Confluence quickly become the biggest rapids.

12. Lohit river expedition, Arunachal Pradesh.

It’s the river in India as well as in China. The river Lohit, which flows through Arunachal Pradesh, is the best place for a great rafting adventure in the North East. The water sports are also exciting. Prices vary from the chosen distance. The river Zayu in Tibet is also known.

13. Kameng river, Eastern Himalayan mountains.

Kameng offers well-kept forests, cool camps, and steady speeds. Only river rafting and kayaking in the last 10 years has accessed the Kameng River.

14. Tons river expedition, Uttrakhand.

The Tons river is a Yamuna tributary and one of the most challenging river rafting sites. The rapids on these rivers are designed for the most experienced people as whitewater rafters.

15. Yamuna river

The river Yamuna holds the longest Indian affluent record. Rafting in the Yamuna is ideal for beginners as well as qualified rafters. River rafting at Bridge Yamuna is a must in the city of Mussoorie

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