nime names for boys and girls


Even if you have never watched anime before, you can testify to the fact that some nime names for boys and girls are the most unique names in the world.

Here are some of the unique nime names for boys and girls that can be given to kids ( both male and female).

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Anime names for boys

nime names for boys and girls

. Masashi : general

.  Nori : a belief

.  Katsu: victorious

.Yasu : calm

.Mikio : a tree

.Natsu: born in summer

. Levi: powerful

. Toru: clear

. Kira: a hero

.Yuuki: gentle hope

. Yahiko: unique

.Draven: modern name

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.Ozul: shadow

.Tirich: A shadow of darkness

Anime names for Girls

What are some girl anime names? will list below some of the anime names for girls that will perfectly suit your female ward and make her stand unique among her peers.

Maki : true hope

Yuuki; snow

Hikari: light

Sora: sky

Mami: true beauty

Mao: dance cherry blossom

Sakura: cherry blossom

Haruhi: a spring day

Ichigo: strawberry

Momoe: one hundred blessings

Kiaria: fortunate

Saika: colourful

Rina : white Jasmine

Hiro: generous

Akane: brilliant

Aowo: calm


Yami: darkness

Akui: malice

Akuma: demon

Chi :blood

Which of these nime names for boys and girls will you love to give to your kid. You can share with us.

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