The social media community in the world has been thrown into a frenzy,over 150 thousand of Ghanaian twitter community have used the hashtag#CharlieCharlie in the last couple of hours. Several millions of individuals across the globe too have joined the trendy challenge.

The game involve balancing two pencils on top of each other and place it on a paper with the words Yes or NO inscribed on opposite ends. players will then ask a question then charlie who is supposed to be a demon responds by moving the pencil to the direction the Yes or NO answer.

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What is Charlie Charlie?

This trending game is an Ouija board-like game where players write Yes or NO on top of a paper and balance two pencils on the paper.

The paper is divided into four quadrant with opposite side inscribed yes or no.A pencil is then put on one of the line and another balanced on top. You call out the demon by saying “Charlie Charlie are you there, if he is present he tilts the pencil to the yes Quadrant.You can ask Charlie Charlie other questions, for example charlie charlie will 2021 be my year? or charlie Charlie will i get money etc.

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Origin Of The Game

Several tweets claim the game originated from Mexico.some folks claim charlie as a mexican demon or pagan god or a victim of a violent crime of some kind none of this stories has been confirmed though. Even many people believe charlie is a ghost or a spirit from hell who answers questions about whether your crush likes you.

What Then Moves The Pencil?

many people believe that the ghost charlie moves the pencil but one Elizabeth Palermo of live Science explains that both pencils are not well balanced and in equilibrium so a small air or unstableness can tilt the pencil. what do u think of this did CHARLIE move the pencils or you agree with SCIENCE?

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