8 Reasons that Explain Work from Home Module is the Best for Small Firms

work from home

COVID-19 pandemic has surely had a drastic impact on the work sphere. Due to the social distancing protocol, many companies had to change their working process and adopt the remote working procedure. Today, 64% of US employees work from home. 

work from home

Surprisingly, companies have reported that the performance of the employees has turned out to be good. 75% of the employees have reported higher productivity than working at the office. Hence, small businesses should take note of this. They should opt for remote working due to the following factors. 

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  1. There is No Commuting Involved 

Whether it’s a train ride for an hour or a 30-minute drive, commuting can be very frustrating and unpleasant. Daily travel continues to take a toll on the workers’ health. But there’s no dealing with rush hour traffic while they are operating from home. They can start the day with a fresh mind that leads to good performance and less absenteeism.

In addition to this, working at home also reduces the expense of travelling, which means that the workers will spend more of their money on the things they enjoy. This ensures a happier, healthier and more motivated workforce. 

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  1. Enhanced Employee Retention 

One of the greatest setbacks for small companies is losing workers who make them move forward. When it comes to wages and benefits, small companies cannot always compete with larger corporations. Thus, it’s important to make the most of the benefits smaller establishments have.

Endless meetings and obsolete workplace practices can hold workers firmly bound to their desks in larger organizations. However, the agility and entrepreneurial spirit that is alive in many small businesses may give employees the freedom they want.

Working from home provides the flexibility required for parents with childcare obligations, while other employees can benefit from an increased work-life balance. As far as employee retention is concerned, both of these variables play a crucial role.

  1. Huge Talent Pool 

Younger generations regard versatility in the workplace as a key factor when considering a new position in the job. The availability of remote working facilities enables small companies to recruit young and highly qualified talent. Remote working also helps you to hire skilled workers outside the daily commuting area.

It will especially prove beneficial as small companies will expand their network and work extensively with highly qualified experts. It does not matter where the employees are from as they will be working from home. 

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  1. Improved Employee Connection

84% of the business owners are optimistic about the future of the company. And they say this as they think they would be able to connect with the employees at a professional as well personal level. And with the advancement in technology, they have a right to feel this way. 

Today, you have Project Management Systems, ERP software, Cloud Collaboration facilities and much more. All you need is a stable Internet connection, and you are good to go. You can have Skype calls, discussions over Microsoft Teams and much more. 

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  1. Reduced Office Expenses 

Many small companies rent office space, which can be costly. It is one of the business’s biggest fixed costs. It will help you minimize your office space by allowing your employees to work remotely.

You can also save on social events such as holiday parties or office parties instead of using the capital elsewhere. To stay virtually connected, you will have to invest in digital resources, but it will cost you a nominal fee. 

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  1. Increase in Productivity 

Giving workers the right to work in their own room ensures productivity. It has been observed that employees not necessarily perform well in the conventional business model. As per the Canada  Life Survey, employees have rated their productivity as 7.7//10 (at home) in comparison to 6.5/10 (at the office). 

Even a Stanford Survey says that employees are 13% more productive than their counterparts at the office. Working from home allows the workers the flexibility to create an acceptable work atmosphere and schedule, allowing them to perform at their best. 

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  1. Reduction in Salaries 

No, no workers will vote for a pay cut for flexible activities in the workplace. Yet the study reveals that over 35 per cent of workers will opt to work over a rise from home. This suggests that small businesses will reward their workers with the freedom to work from home with a minimum wage raise for good results. 

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  1. Advancement in Customer  Support 

If businesses and entrepreneurs want to change their strategies for business operations, they should look forward to boosting customer service. Small companies are now implementing advanced techniques to create better connectivity due to communication and AI technology availability.

Most businesses are turning to VoIP phone systems and allow their agents to support their customers every day. Moreover, customers appreciate AI-powered chatboxes to quickly schedule a service call, report an issue, and make changes to the account. There are other technologies which are still in its infancy, such as interactive voice response, computer telephony integration, predictive dialing, and email response management. 

As you can see, there are various reasons why small businesses should adopt the module of remote working. It will help them save expenditures, but it also enables them to ensure sustained productivity. At the same time, the employees will enjoy the comfort of their home and not worry about traveling long distances to work. 

Author Bio: Peter Clarke is an HR manager, and he has been associated with a reputed firm for many years. he also imparts training to HR enthusiasts at her firm. Presently, he is also the managing head paper help at MyAssignmenthelp.com, where he supervises the grade my paper service. 


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