Leather Jacket

Sometimes leather garments tend to get damaged and wrinkled very easily. It may happen that you come across your favorite Leather Jacket resting in your wardrobe getting wrinkled and really scuffed. Leather is a premium quality fabric with delicate real and legit texture of whatever animal it’s being obtained from. Most of the time ironing and heating a leather gear or piece of clothing could be a deadly deal to seal. 

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These are delicate materials that obviously cannot be ironed but the creases need to be removed. Here is a series of tips that you can put in place to get your jacket back in perfect shape and ready to be shown off again. Let’s see how to remove the creases from a Leather jacket. 

Buying a leather jacket is more of an investment for life, 100% pure leather jackets are intended to go on for life. Your leather jacket’s lifespan is pretty dependent on how often you use it and how well you look after it.  Leather in itself will be good to go for 100 years before it begins to disintegrate, and most people won’t be keeping their leather gears for that long.


Hang the jacket

The first method to eliminate unsightly creases and wrinkles is certainly the simplest to make. You will have to place your jacket in a hanger or crutch, button it completely and hang it well in the air on a balcony where it will have to stay at least for a whole night. 

Avoid leaving the jacket out in too much moisture or humidity as it’ll tend to wrinkle up the jacket even more. Leather is a delicate fabric since too much water or moisture can totally somehow ruin the tight grains of the leather gear. The humidity at night will make the fabric very soft and, thanks to the weight of the jacket itself, it will slowly settle down by itself and all the creases will disappear completely. A simple and undemanding but very effective method.

Use a steamer

The second method is inspired by the first but uses induced humidity. Use a steamer instead of iron because heat will damage the fabric but steam won’t. You can put the jacket closed properly and hung it on a hanger inside the bathroom when you usually take a shower or bath. The water vapor released from the shower will fill the bathroom.

 The final effect is the same as described in the previous paragraph the jacket will practically iron and decrease itself as the warmth of the water vapors present in that environment will make a difference. Steaming should begin with the preparation of the product. To do this, you need to free the pockets, untie the fur from the hood and place the jacket on the hook. Then turn on the steam generator or iron with the vertical steam option and steam the creases evenly.

Use hangers and dust bags 

Hanging your favorite leather jacket in sturdy and hard hanger will always suffice as they provide the jacket with structure and shape. No doubt about the facts, pure leather is immortal until damaged or left unattended.

 This case is generally with anything that doesn’t get looked after for, in order to ensure the long life of a leather jackets it’s prescribed to store them in a dry and clean space along with some moisturizers being applied regularly along the usage schedule. After treating your jacket by the above stated steps make sure to store it a dust bag later on to keep it away from dust and grim. 

Oil treatment

 This method involves the use of peanut butter. To smooth the bruises, it is necessary to treat problem areas with a cotton swab moistened with oil. At some intervals, the procedure should be repeated 4 more times. Walnut oil is able to quickly and deeply penetrate the pores of the skin and effectively straighten the material.

 This method is very effective and allows you to eliminate old wrinkles and folds caused by long-term storage. After completing the treatment, it is recommended to place the jacket on the hooks and hang it in a ventilated room for 2-3 hours. Processing the leather product with these tools will not only help to quickly straighten the crumpled areas but also protect the skin from premature drying.

The main condition for oil smoothing is the cleansing of the skin surface. Otherwise, the dirt will be absorbed with the oil deep into the skin and it will be quite problematic to clean this product.

Dry Smoothing.

 The essence of this method lies in handling the leather jacket with high intellect of a hot iron. You can iron leather things from the wrong side through the lining or from the front, using wrapping paper or thick cotton fabric. It is very important not to allow direct contact between the sole of the iron and the surface of the leather. So, for this slip in a thick and layered fabric over the leather to avoid direct contact of heat. Leather ironing should be done at the lowest temperature, which usually corresponds to a split on the iron regulator.

To avoid wrinkles and bruises, a leather jacket must be stored properly. The best storage option would be a cabinet where the product will hang loosely on the hooks and will not be folded into the cabinet. A practical solution would be to use a separate case for storing the model. This will help protect the jacket from constant mechanical stresses, which will be exposed whenever the closet door is opened. 

A leather jacket or leather gear, in general, is famous for its statement and unique style but as well as durability and sustainability. Limit the sun exposure of your clothing or gear, gently brush off any dirt, dust and follow a similar cleaning regiment to the one listed above for leather. You’ll be good to go and get your favorite Leather Jacket wrinkle-free by following these easy above stated facts and tips. 

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