What is MTN momo

Information reaching xorlali.com  is that from the 1st of February 2021, MTN momo merchants in the country will start demanding national ID cards such as the Ghana Card, Driving License, passport, voter’s ID, SSNIT ID, NHIS before any transactions are made.

What is MTN momo

According to the MTN Ghana “when an agent is performing a cash-out for a subscriber, the agent is required to select the ID type and enter the ID number of the ID card the subscriber provides.”

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What is MTN momo

In January 2017, MTN Ghana launched a merchant payment service called  MoMo Pay or MTN Momo which enables MTN Mobile Money wallet holders to store funds, send and receive money, make payments and do a number of other transactions simply using their mobile phone. It’s fast, simple, convenient, and affordable.

And it’s offered by MTN in partnership with over 10 partner banks, in a number of countries across Africa. This move encouraged the digitization of merchant payments in Ghana’s open markets.

In Ghana, mobile money has opened access to financial services for millions of people for the first time, strengthening the payment ecosystem and deepening financial inclusion.

Ghana Card, Driving License, passport, voter’s ID, SSNIT ID, NHIS are the valid Identification cards authorized to be used for any transactions by MTN Ghana.

How does MTN Mobile Money work?

MTN Mobile Money stores funds in a secure electronic account linked to an MTN mobile phone number. Before sending funds, please check with your recipient that they have a registered MTN Mobile Money account.

For more information on the services available via MTN Mobile Money in a specific country, please check the MTN website, or visit one of their dedicated agents.

How is MTN Mobile Money used?

MTN Mobile Money wallet holders can use their mobile money account in a number of ways. They can:

  • Receive and store money
  • Send money to any MTN mobile phone user – registered or not.
  • Send money to mobile phone users on other local networks.
  • Withdraw cash at any authorized MTN Mobile Money agent
  • Top-up MTN airtime
  • Pay bills
  • Buy and pay for insurance
  • Pay employee salaries, airline tickets, school fees, and other goods and services.

How can I check my MTN Mobile Money balance?

There are a number of ways to check your MTN Mobile Money balance. But the best way and simple is,  with the MTN momo pin code that is *170#. Among other things, it allows you to check your balance and It also offers you a better way to control all of your MTN mobile services.

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