Fantasy cricket

Fantasy cricket is a growing market in India. Today, one out of every three sports fans plays a fantasy game, and it is not easy, at least to break-even.

With more than ten crore users, Dream 11 is the biggest Fantasy sports platform in India and is currently acting as the prototype for the other sports fantasy applications that are coming into existence almost every new week. Thus, there is a lot of competition in Dream11, one must know how to play the game right. Here are a few hidden tricks one must know before beginning to play the game.

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1- Selecting your matches:

The most important thing one must keep in mind is that you shouldn’t go on to play a match if you have no idea about it as you might end up losing money. You must know about the players, the conditions, and the pitch report before getting into any of the matches as that will put you on the safer side.

2- Research about the match

As mentioned earlier, you must have a clear idea about the on-going match. You must make an effort to follow the news about the players, and you can very well do your research on sites like ESPN Cricinfo. For example, some players might have a poor record at a particular venue, and at times, the pitch would assist the spinners or the pacers more. You must pick your team accordingly as numbers like this will impact the result as well.

3- Creating an all-rounder team

After doing your research, you must keep in mind that your sole aim in Dream11 is to win more points rather than striking the balance between batting and bowling. In fantasy cricket, your Dream team means the team that can grab you more points. So, based on the same, it is always wise to go with more number of all-rounders who will be batting as well as bowling for the team.

4- Investing wisely

After picking your team, you shouldn’t go on to invest all your money in a single contest as you might end up losing all your money at once. Instead, you can invest in different contests. Say, if you are going to invest Rs 1000, instead of investing them in a single contest, you can invest in two different contests that have Rs 500 as an entry fee.

5- Captain and Vice-captain picks:

Another important factor is that you must always pick the well-known player as the captain and vice-captain, the player who usually performs in order to be on the safer side. You must keep in mind that the captain of your team gives you two times the points scored by him/her and the vice-captain gives 1.5 times the points scored.

For example, players like Virat Kohli rarely fail. Also, you can always prefer an all-rounder for your captain as they usually grab more points than a pure batsman or a pure bowler.

Dream 11 fantasy cricket sites does not allow you to check on their team before the game, you can still check their profile.

6-Risk Factor:

While picking the team, you can see the selection percentage of players. This is where your research will come in handy. You can go with one or two lesser selected players based on their record at a particular venue or against the particular team.

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