Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of engineering that mimics the way humans operate. The idea behind AI is a technology that performs more efficiently than humans but has the decision making and observation capabilities of a human being. Softwares that use AI adopt some of the functionalities of humans to create better user experiences.

Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, Artificial intelligence is the characteristics of a learning curve – it learns from its past experiences and mends the current actions accordingly. For example, just the way a child touches a hot rod and never again in the future because his brain memorizes the feeling of pain, similarly AI learns and then performs better gradually. 

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Its system learns and adapts gradually with time and saves the information for future use. 

Nowadays, the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in job hunt has improved the recruitment and employment industry in significant ways. The manner in which new talent is identified, reviewed, interviewed, and shortlisted has improved a lot. The time consumed in monotonous repetitive processes has come significantly down and companies are now able to make better hiring decisions. So, without much further ado, let’s find out how AI is transforming the ways in which recruitment happens.


  1. Better search results

The conventional search methods employ the use of search filters to narrow down potential candidates on basis of their experiences, degrees, skills, and presence on the platform. Although this method is effective in its own way and reduces a significant amount of time, it leaves a lot of excellent candidates. The AI software system uses the internet, & cookies to bring us these candidates. For instance, the ads that you see while browsing the internet are AI at work. It makes use of search history to recommend products and job options to you. 

  1. Find out if the job role suits you

Almost all job offers come with a long list of skills, experiences, and knowledge that you should possess to suit the role. So, the concern is whether you are suitable enough if you have 7 out of the 10 skills required for the job. How will you find if you are truly suitable for the role or not? The AI software goes through your online job profile, fetches up the data, compares it with a preloaded data repository, and tells if you will be a perfect fit or not. It allows you to be confident throughout the recruitment process. 

  1. Reducing Biases

We human beings have our own biases and prejudices. Our perceptions, decisions are sometimes based on our feelings, emotions, and limited experiences. So, recruitment is also largely affected by this. Hiring managers and recruiters can even be unconsciously biased towards candidates on the basis of educational background, personal history, or even the place from where the candidate comes from. For example, two equally skilled candidates with the same competency and experiences but who graduated from different colleges can face it on the basis of colleges. If the recruiter has any unconscious bias towards college B, probably, he will choose this candidate. 

Therefore, Zoek India significantly lessens down this bias and the use of AI in job search helps the recruiters to make more conscious decisions. However, the programs codes of AI must be free from this and they must be coded carefully. 

  1. Use of Chatbots

Pre-screening of candidates can be easily done by chatbots. Many multinational organizations do the pre-screening of candidates through the use of artificially intelligent systems. These systems observe a candidate’s body language, eye moments, breathing patterns, to ascertain their truthfulness about the questions that are being asked. Sometimes, their behavior can also be analyzed to decide whether they will be hired or not. 

  1. Better data management

AI in job search helps to better make use of the data. Excellent candidates who could not get hired for immediate job openings can be a better fit for other job roles. Companies find it very hard to bring such data. AI-powered systems can fetch up such details within no time. Whenever any opening can be found that matches their skills, employers can easily contact such candidates. This step will significantly reduce the overall time in the recruitment process as the pre-screening phase will not be happening.

  1. Easier Onboarding

Through Artificial Intelligence, job onboarding process can be made a lot easier. AI systems can help new joinees with answers to almost anything that any new entrant can ask. Questions pertaining to the location of the cafeteria, to leave policies, to signing up for health insurance. AI systems can easily manage it and make the management’s life easier. 

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