In cold chilly winters, a boiler is a lifesaver for every homeowner. It ensures that your house is warm and cozy. You can jump into the shower or take a long relaxing bath without running into the icy water.

We understand purchasing this household item may not be particularly exciting but it is one of the essentials that you need to buy. There are several Ariston boilers for sale with loaded features and what not. However, before you make your purchase there are a few important things about boilers that you should know.

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After all, you want value for money purchase and a boiler that gives you the most functional results. Continue to read till the end to learn all things essential about boilers now.

Different Types of Boilers

Understanding the different types of boilers that are available in the market will help you make a better purchase decision. There are mainly three types of boilers offering different advantages and they are –

  • Combi Boilers

Also known as Combination Boilers are small in size and don’t need a storage tank for heating or cooling. It heats water directly from the mains on demand. It is compact and can be easily fitted inside a kitchen cupboard as well.

It is a portable and flexible boiler perfect for small or medium-sized homes. Since they offer heat on-demand features, Combi boilers are economical and eco-friendly as well.

  • System Boilers

System Boilers require a separate hot water tank for heating and storage purposes. However, the supply of cold water doesn’t need any cold storage cylinder.

It can easily provide water for more than one bathroom and doesn’t need much space to install.  This one is ideal for medium-sized families and homes.

  • Conventional Boilers

This type of boiler can perfectly keep up with high demand of hot and cold-water supply. Also, conventional boilers can work perfectly if the water pressure in your home is low.

Since it requires both hot and cold-water storage tanks, the water reaching to the desired place from the tank, the gravity works in favor to naturally raise water pressure.

Boiler Dimensions & Size

Similar to different types of boilers available, they also come in varied dimensions and sizes. Your cost and energy consumption greatly depends on these factors. If you are a small family and you happen to install a big size boiler then it is an absolute waste of money.

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The decision of choosing the ideal dimensions and size of the boiler must be based on the number of bathrooms in your home, the frequency of use, the number of family members, and the space you have in your home to install the boiler.

Post-sale Support

Your purchase decision for the boiler must be dependent on considering all essential factors. And one essential factor is post-sale support which means if the company will be offering any maintenance or repair services after the purchase.

Incorrect boiler installation can negatively impact the functioning of the appliance. Therefore, a professional engineer must be hired for installation and maintenance as well. see, if the company provides any such services for the boiler.


The above-mentioned guide will help you figure out which boiler is the best one for you to choose and buy. You may get Ariston boilers for sale, however, don’t make the hasty decision to buy them without considering the above-enumerated points.


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