How to Open a Payoneer Account in Ghana 2021

What is Payoneer account? One of the best and fastest way of receiving money from other countries in Ghana is by opening a Payoneer account in Ghana 2021. Payoneer Account is another method for freelancers, online business owners, and professionals, to trade online that receiving and sending money online from different countries across the globe. The main purpose why everyone needs a Payoneer my account in Ghana is because it helps online sellers, digital entrepreneurs, and freelancers to pay and get paid globally as easily as they do locally.

How to Open a Payoneer Account in Ghana 2021

Registering for a Payoneer account in Ghana is free. After registering and verifying your Payoneer account, you get a Bank account and a Payoneer MasterCard ( the card will be shipped to your address at no extra charges). With this MasterCard, you will be able to withdraw your funds from any country in the world with an ATM.

How to Open a Payoneer Account in Ghana

Follow the step by step guide on how to register and get approved for a payoneer my account in Ghana 2021.

  1. Sign Up on Payoneer. You can visit the official Payoneer website by clicking on this link.
  2. Enter Your Personal Details. Fill in all the details in their respective boxes. …
  3. Fill in your Contact Details. Enter your contact details in the boxes provided. …
  4. Enter Security Details. …
  5. Enter Your Local Bank Account Details.

Payoneer In Ghana

Payoneer is available to Ghanaians, All Ghanaians above the ages of 18 can sign up and apply for a Payoneer account for free. Payoneer’s MasterCard works on every atm in Ghana that accepts MasterCard. Some ATMs in Ghana that accept Payoneer MasterCard include,  Stanbic Bank ATMs, Ghana Commercial Bank ATMs, and Ecobank ATMs.

Payoneer Fees and Transaction Rate in Ghana

Payoneer charges a yearly amount of $29.90, Aside from that, there are extra transaction fees the company charges. It costs about only $1 per ATM withdrawal transaction in your country. Aside from the fees Payoneer deducts, Your local Bank ATM will also deduct some fees.

Payoneer ATM Cash Withdrawal Fees in Ghana

  • Stanbic Bank ATM – GH₵25
  • Ghana Commercial Bank ATM – GH₵15
  • Ecobank ATM – GH₵15

Anytime you make a withdrawal with any of the listed ATMs in Ghana, the Bank takes a transaction fee.  ATM cash withdrawal charges can range from GH₵15 to GH₵50 depending on the Bank you use.

Payoneer Cash Withdrawal Limit in Ghana

Payoneer has a limit to how much one can withdraw in a day using the Payoneer MasterCard. For new users, You may be given up to GH₵400 withdrawal limit per day. The default withdrawal limit for most users in Ghana is GH₵3000 a day.

Obtaining a Payoneer Mastercard not only allows you to withdraw funds in your country but also any country in the world which has an ATM.

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