Digital Marketing Agency in California can boost your lead generation strategy using link building

If you are a digital marketing agency in California and are looking for fresh ideas to boost your lead generation strategy using link building, then you’ve landed on the right page! 

As SEO is developing day by day, link building has turned into one of the most sophisticated SEO practices. However, it may also be noted that link building can also aid in generating traffic and leads. There are two main ways you as a digital marketing agency can try this.

  • Build high-quality links to your site to increase overall strength and authority. It will help make it easier to rank multiple keywordsand in turnincrease website traffic.
  • It will help send referral traffic to your site. As with great traffic, come greater leads.

Sales are the most important part of any business strategy. But focussing only on the end goal will not help in achieving much. A journey of customer might navigate through many touch-points before they finally decide to make a purchase. But, if as a digital marketing agency in California or anywhere in the world your focus is on final sale, you might be missing out on those extra steps to drive your customer to make that purchase decision. The notion of “a lead” lies in between “a stranger” and “a buyer” which is categorized as a prospect, potential, or future customer.

Tangible steps to move forward: – 

  • Guest blogging- Find guest blogging opportunities, it offers you a long term link building tactic that work remarkably for page ranking, website traffic and lead generation. Make sure you are approaching websites that are actively looking for guest bloggers, and they will allow you to include your link.

    For better link building incorporate your link to the websites with high domain authority. We frequently use this strategy as a digital marketing agency in California for our clients. After you find the portal you want your link to be featured in, pitch your guest blogging idea. Keep your pitch humble, honest, following guidelines and don’t forget the timely follow-up.
  • Broken Link tactic- This requires searching for broken links on a specific website and informing them that you have useful content which can replace the broken link. By discovering the broken link you provide value to the website owner, and in exchange, they can add your link to their site.

    Sites like Ahrefs can be helpful as they have one of the best competitor research tools. Many renowned marketers and digital marketing agencies use this tool for link building strategy. You need to type the domain name in the search bar and then find the Backlink Profile>Backlinks>Broken. You will be seeing a page with all the broken links on the website. Check it thoroughly to offer resources or content to fill them up. It helps in link building strategy, which can eventually help with good leads.
  • Replicate Links- Only knowing where your competitors earned their links is not enough! You need to identify how to replicate them without getting a red flag; this is where social media comes in. This is the place where you can connect with blogs and influential marketing experts.

    If you want your links to be effective and improve your ranking, build a strong base and make your way up. It’s not a difficult task to do as there are many tools and resources available for help. The best links are not hidden anymore, once you find them, take advantage of them. There are many metrics, but the strongest are the links from a site with high domain and page authority.  
  • Diversify your touch-points- Email is still one of the most effective link building methods. Many times a follow-up mail has better chances of success than the initial mail. It can include a simple Twitter retweet, comment on their site, LinkedIn message, sharing an informative link, adding them on the Twitter list etc. These methods are simple ways to remind them of your request and push them to open the email.
  • Keep track of your backlinks- Most of the digital marketing agencies and their professionals forget to track their backlinks status and start spending time and money to get new links. You may have thousands of links redirecting to your web pages, but if you check them after 30-40 day, they might be gone.

    Since you don’t have control over blogs and authority sites, they can easily remove your link from their page and blog. By monitoring the backlinks time to time you can tell the blog that you need to avoid as the blog author decided to delete the link.

Link building is one of the most crucial parts of search engine ranking. Google doesn’t care about how many links you are pointing to your web page, but what type of valuable experience you are creating for your audience? Be smart with social media, blogs, and search engine optimisation to improve the quality of your link building process. 

Do you think these suggestions are helpful for digital marketing agencies and marketers? Do share your thoughts with us.

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