Angel FM Journalist, Kofi Adomah has given a hint of what is likely to happen after this evening Covid-19 Update No. 23 by the president of Ghana Nana Addo.

Appearing in dark shades and a black nose mask, the broadcast journalist captioned his picture which reads “Now that there is going to be partial something and lower primary is going to be closed, let me chill for the last Wai, na social gathering is yaamutu! Fellow Ghanaians”

This has been driving the conversation on social media with people expressing divided opinions.

With Ghana’s Coronavirus active cases fast approaching 5000 and deaths at 405, there’s a mixed reaction with some calling for Lockdown while others believe that will not solve the fast spread.

Kofi Adomah Known for having a strong intel on breaking news, If his post is anything to go by then brace yourself for yet another Lockdown as the President address the nation at 8pm tonight.

Kofi Adomah

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