If you’re fishing for unique yet super easy ways to make heads turn, then this one is dedicated just for you. 

Pull-on these wardrobe essentials and be the total looker- yeah, like those Instagram kind ones who make people go gaga over their dressing. 

New year, new you. Pair your ensembles in a way that has you define your personality, class, and snazziness all at the same time. 

So, how do you start on this mission? Continue reading and find out the exquisite eight closet must-haves that are sure to rock your dressing and make you boost your hotness. 

And no- this mission won’t put a dent on your bank balance either. So, without further ado, let’s hop onto this journey!

Head Scarves That Make Statements

Reminiscence about the 60s but with a touch that describes you uniquely. Headscarves are like killing numerous birds with one stone. 

Protect your gorgeous hairdo and add that extra sophistication you never knew was possible. 

Headscarves are such an aesthetic trend honestly, pick your favorite silky one with intricate designing. Or, if you’re into some funk and spunk, choose a vibrant one that makes you look like a bold beauty.

Throw it around your neck for a casually stylish look, or wrap it around your head delicately if you’re going for a dainty appeal. 

Make bare minimal efforts and have you look like the epitome of fetching and dazzling. 

Steal hearts, girls! 

Blues and Hues 

Why settle for the ordinary when you were born to look extraordinary? Be the lady of the hour by adding a teaspoon of something blue that has you glow. 

Shine bright and be the kryptonite that attracts the crowd towards you like a moth to a flame. You need not go over the board or go full blue from top to toe. 

Some blue eye shadow, a classy, blue-toned handbag, a blue jacket, or merely a pair of some figure-hugging jeans that accentuate your mesmerizing curves.

Blue is the shade that looks ideal with a wide range of colors, from tones of greys and blacks to whites and neutrals. 

Look confident and a jaw-dropper. 

Make the audience drool, and women wish they looked half as striking as you. 

Of Leathers and Jackets 

Okay, first things first. Leather is like oxygen for your wardrobe. Like seriously, who doesn’t love and own some leather in their closet, right? Well, if you don’t, it’s high time you get one now. 

Leather jackets are sugar, spice, and everything nice. Scratch nice, they are ageless queens that have you look like a majestic bombshell. 

Look like a total babe as you protect your body from the cool breeze while flaunting your unmatched glamour. 

Whatever the occasion and whatever be the color of your outfit of the day, a leather jacket to finish off that edgy look is all you need. 

To spice up the usual leather jackets, how about this time doing for a customized leather jacket?  

Custom leather jackets make so many of your fashion meltdowns go away. They are stitched for YOU- your preference, your size, the color of your choice. Everything is just completely you. 

Just imagine wearing something that is the only piece in the world. Makes you feel special, eh? You deserve this and more, our royal highnesses. 

Pretty Pastels

Begin this new year with some soothing and tranquil vibes. 

Let go of your worries and embrace the snugness. Add shades of pastels in your closet and look oh-so-gorgeous. You are a magnificent lady who deserves no less, after all. 

Be it a baby blue colored jumpsuit, a soft pink loose blouse, or a soft yellow dress. Make pastels your new best friends and notch up your fashion meter to a thriving thousand in a heartbeat. 

Trust us when we say. You will look like an utter graceful and enthralling woman who is set on leaving lasting impressions. 

A piece of further advice for you, let your hair hang loose, showoff your luscious hair, put on some decent eye makeup, and throw on your favorite footwear. 

Nothing shall now stand in your way to be the talk of your town. 

Snug Sneakers Win the Race

You don’t always need leather boots or dark leather pants to look like a total hunk. Comfy casuals are all you need to enhance your manly persona even more. 

Ace the boyfriend look and thank us later. 

You know the best part about sneakers, if you put just a little thought into it, your ensemble can have you ready for some semi-formal gatherings too. 

From hangouts with friends to family dinners, ooze those snazzy and swanky vibes that make the ladies give you heart eyes. 

Now, as for the question of how:

You can opt for some loose joggers and a polo shirt with some classic white sneakers, skinny jeans, a plain polo, and a long coat with your favorite sneakers. 

Be the one who sets it all on fire, oomph! 

Knitwear to Impress


There is just something to gentlemanly dapper and sophisticated about knitwear, no? The glamourous charms and smooth aura you give off as you slay your outfit for the evening is just exceptional. 

Ace your dressing and emphasize your fine personality. Make heads turn and have people fighting for your attention. Knitwear sweaters, high-necks, and coats are THAT powerful. 

Pull a cardigan over these knitwear beauties or if you’re going for a contemporary and sleek modern version of Mr. Darcy, pair up your knitted sweater with a two-piece suit. 

Watch with glee how you enchant people with your urban and spruced up looks.  

Denim Jackets as your New Wingmen


If you want to leave unforgettable impressions without trying much-

Or, if you feel lazy and are in search of a creative way to look super dapper in casual outfits, 

Then, denim jackets are your answer. No exaggeration! 

Calm, cool, and crisp. Look all that and more. All you have got to do is make space for a denim jacket. 

Pair it up with your favorite Henley or a half-sleeved plain polo t-shirt. Throw on your jeans and some sneakers or your most adored pair of leather military boots.

 And yes, that’s it. You’ve created an outfit that will have men wish they looked half as attractive as you.  

Beanies for Perfect Boyish Charms


Beanies- be it fit-sized or the baggy ones, 

Any beanie really is the closet material you MUST have no matter what. Adorn knitted beanies and highlight your suave looks. 

Add some artistry in your dressing, giving off some major creative yet comforting Van Gogh vibes. 

A beanie, a woolen scarf around your neck, a long buttoned-cardigan, and dark-rugged jeans is how you pull the look. Oh, and some strap leather tote bag on the side is your key for dressing ON FLEEK.  

Wrapping up

We have completed our part; now it’s your turn. Add these essentials in your fashion this year and get well on your way to conquer it all. Ace your fashion and look your ultimate best. Always, no matter what. 

Ready. Set. Go. 

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