BEYOND THE RETURN(Far From Home)- Isaac Kofi Arthur

BEYOND THE RETURN(Far From Home)- Isaac Kofi Arthur.”You people are more brown in color than black, why do you call yourselves blacks?” The white asked.

“You people are also more pink in color than white, why do you call yourselves whites?” The black man replied. 

As can clearly be seen, it’s just a label which must be removed. 

The white man projects what he wants to be seen about his continent to the outside world. 

Everything is not green and glossy out there and everything is not bad here in Africa either. There is always a balance. 

When you get the opportunity to sell Africa to the world as an African, you disgrace her, paint her black yet expect to have that respect that is gone and lost, back. 

Who eats their cake and has it back again? No , it’s not possible.

When the whites get the opportunity to sell the western world to the world, they sell the good parts and hide the bad.

That is why they see Africans as non intellectuals. The images of Africa painted to them are things that happened in the days of Adam.

They are our heritage and history. Modern Africa doesn’t have people living on trees. 

Those are archaeological and shaka zulu days and these occurred 1000 and 2000years ago. 

Great men have emerged from Africa and made great and positive impacts. Men like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Kofi Annan, Tetteh Quarshie, George Washington, Madam C.J .Walker _and the list goes on and on have all contributed their quota to Africa’s development. 

Take some time off and visit Mr. Google, when he opens up for you, type great black inventors and read about them and you will find out that, there are a lot that haven’t been projected or made known to you. 

They are not perfect saints, neither are they worst sinners. They are humans just like you and I and have their good, bad and ugly side but they had a great and strong positive conscience for the vision of Africa. 

If life were all green and heaven on earth in the western world, George Floyd wouldn’t have been murdered in broad day light in the United States of America. 

If life were all glossy and heaven on earth, flowing with milk and honey, Breonna Taylor, a black medical officer wouldn’t have been sadly and innocently shot in her apartment in Louisville, Kentucky by a white police officer. The list goes on and on. 

Crime is everywhere and we are all fighting to curb it.

What the Americans (western world) have mastered is the practice of “IMAGE BUILDING” and that’s what we as Africans must adopt. 

We should tell our own stories. This is what filmmakers, writers, bloggers, entertainers, etc. should be doing. 

Bloggers, don’t be quick to blog the negatives in Africa and stay dormant and silent on the positives. Same goes to actors, entertainers, etc. Don’t be too quick to tell the negatives of the African story leaving out the positives.

Race was invented in the 15th century with one main agenda which was just to separate people from each other and it has worked to perfection. 

Who would you be if the world never gave you a tag? Would you be black, white, blue, green, etc. ?

Yes, that should inform you that those are just labels properly sat down, thought through, through an agenda-setting theory and perfectly executed by a group of people back in the days. 

It’s time to rip the labels off. We are one people. 

Promote Mother Africa positively to the light when you get the opportunity and always remember that what the white man teaches you is not 100% truth or history. It is just indoctrination.

Open your eyes, wake up and smell the coffee of truth because the time of living in lies and deception is up.

By Isaac Kofi Arthur 

(The African Son) ✍🏾🇬🇭

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