Ghanaian model and actor, Isaac Kofi Arthur has written a letter to Twene Jonas a.k.a #glassnkoaa. According to the young talent, “THE IMAGE OF AFRICA IS PRICELESS, THE IMAGE OF GHANA 🇬🇭 IS GOLDEN”

Letter to Twene Jonas. A.k.a #GlassNkoaa.

Below is the Letter to Twene Jonas a.k.a #GlassNkoaa by Isaac Kofi Arthur

Jonas, you are right if you say our leaders are not doing well and have failed us to some extent. We agree with you.

Yes, you make a lot of sense in your videos when you address issues of dirt and bad roads.

You suggested government should organize unemployed guys and let them be the ones to fix the bad roads and construct new ones, which would serve as their employment thereby putting money in their pockets.

It is a very good idea and I wish, pray and hope it would be implemented.

Also, looking at the other side of the coin, there is a saying that, “no one uses the left hand to point to the father’s house.”

The part in which you have failed in your videos is painting Ghana black to the rest of the world, always destroying Ghana’s image anytime you get the opportunity. And then coming around with your white friends, expecting the same Ghanaians you insult to support your movement for change.

I ask myself, “are you just doing this for likes and views to put money on your YouTube channel or you are really doing it with the motive of seeing Ghana become better?”

If you are doing it to see Ghana become better, then I think you have a huge following now and it is about time every word that comes out of your mouth uplifts the image of Ghana.

No one is saying don’t criticize leaders or government, that’s a good job you are doing. It’s a wake up call to them to do the right thing but create a clear distinction between your criticism of the leaders and the image of Ghana for they are two separate things.

Leaders will come, leaders will go but GHANA🇬🇭 will forever remain.

Don’t drag Ghana’s name into the mud and sack future potential investors away. Ghana is a country of tourist attraction. Don’t sack the tourists and investors away because of some bad government or a government you believe is not doing the right thing.

Bear in mind that they will not be there forever. If you destroy the image of Ghana and we happen to get a government that practices all the good ideas you have brought, we may have a good country by then you would have already tarnished the image of our country.

The best thing to do now is criticize the leaders, preach more of how you say it’s done in the western world and I believe with time, they will find a lot of sense in what you are saying and gradually begin to change and take action.

Finally, whenever you get the chance to say something about Ghana, don’t rub the image of the country in the mud no matter what because tarnishing the image of Ghana won’t bring us the respect and development you seek. It will rather worsen the case.

Criticize in your videos but promote Ghana’s image in your videos.

” IMAGE IS EVERYTHING”. If you really care about Ghana’s image, now you have a lot of following, people know you, that’s enough.

Use your platform positively to sell Ghana, that’s how you can make a positive change with your huge fan base.

Isaac Kofi Arthur 🇬🇭✍🏾


Instagram (IG) : @isaacarthur5

Isaac Kofi Arthur

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