Ghanaian aspiring 2030 minister of tourism and creative art, Isaac Kofi Arthur has released a letter to Ghanaian comic actor, Funny face who is in the news after been bested up by the police.

Below is what the young writer, and actor wrote;

Funny face a.k.a Kasoa Vandam. You are a brilliant personality. Infact I like how open you are and how willingly you like to make people around you and kids happy, kudos on that because laughter is medicine. Thats how you built your brand. You built it on a clean comic way through Chorkor Trotro void of insults.

Now let’s make some checks and balances my brother. You didn’t build your brand on bad reputation and controversies lest to talk of insults and attacks on people who try to correct you when you are going overboard.

Funny face, one thing is everyone has emotions but social media should be the last place a celebrity or someone should come and pour out his pains and even if you will do that, it will be best you think about your image, the image of the industry and the image of your family.

Yes, you know why? Because also at the end of the day, you open yourself up for ridicule. There is a saying that an ant gets access intro a room or wall when it cracks, 3dan hwo pae ahh, 3na 3ntatia Enya kwan ewura mu.

Its so obvious that you have created a lot of cracks on your walls and a lot of ants have entered. Its time to do plastering of your walls and disinfecting the whole wall.

Truth is, you have started losing your respect and dignity because of the abusive words you use on everyone who tries to reach out to you.

If they are not too close to you, meaning they are your enemies🀚🏾, thats wrong my brother and such thought shouldn’t take centre stage in your mind.

Truth is funny face, its not everyone who smiles with you, close to you or laughes with you in everything that shows that they love you or care for you. I repeat it 3 times and please have that at the back of your mind. Let it be a reminder everywhere you are or go.

The insults, “wo maame tw3”, disrespecting and fighting some women in your life, all contributes to how the public is perceiving you to be now.

I can confidently say that the day you reverse back to the funny face we used to know during the first chorkor trotro days, is the day you will start receiving peace and healing in your heart and soul.

People will insult you and diss you at times even when you do good to them. That’s life and you should learn from that my bro.

Don’t let that get into your heart but focus on building a tough skin and rebuilding your image.

Someone’s opinion about you shouldn’t be your reality.

You are nicknamed the “CHILDREN’S PRESIDENT” on instagram and that should ring a bell in your mind that those kids are watching every word you spew out there.

They look up to you and these are future leaders.

The Police were not right in manhandling you and I totally condemn that but its not all of them that did that to you so throwing shades at all of them and even bringing the first man of the land who happens to be the President of Ghana into disrespect is something the Nation finds in appropriate likewise myself.

In conclusion, know that IMAGE IS EVERYTHING. Pick your image back from the gutters bro.

A lot of kids and people look up to you as I said. Make them proud. Don’t grief their soul. Let the 1 million + instagram following be worth it.

Put your emotions into check because everyone is fighting daily battles just as you are also going through.

People can’t help you when you bring your emotional issues out, they will only laugh at you. You will feel okay for a while speaking your mind and dissing people thinking that will clean the pain but truth is, it will not. It will rather create more hidden scares in your heart but if you ignore, you haven’t allowed the negativity entry so they can’t harm your heart, soul, mind and body.

Make peace with the women in your life. Forget everything and be the fool in quote to do that, for now it would look like you have lost but in the long run, you would win. ✊🏾πŸ”₯πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­

I know its hard but with determination, focus and commitment, nothing is impossible to achieve.

One tree does not make a forest. The industry people you will spit on today are the same industry people that should stand by you.

And if you are shitting on everyone who tries to reach out to you with insults when they are not really close to you, how can they be there for you when they have to and when you really need them?

No matter what you do in life, you will have enemies and lovers. Just put that at the back of your mind bro.

You can’t please everyone. Just live in respect and harmony with all and the rotten seeds will start germinating and blossoming again.

Cut the insults. It’s your doorway of reaching out to and embracing the funny face of 20 or 15years ago.

He is the funny face people love and want to see and embrace not this funny face.

Please kill this funny face and resurrect the old funny face and your life will blossom back.

You will feel at peace with your soul and won’t expect too much from humans.

Live well, stay healthy and free your heart from worries and people’s opinions about you. They don’t define you.

They only define you when you give them the keys and power to have effect on you and define you by retarliating when you are supposed to ignore.

The way to do that is ignoring negativity, not responding to them and embracing positivity.

Keep loving people and doing your good even if you don’t get the love and repay back, it will come back to you from unexpected angles, ways and sources.

The power of your imageπŸ”₯✊🏾 lies in your hands. Don’t throw it to vultures but rather give it to the eagles.

I know you understand what I perfectly mean in my sentence just above this one.

Stay positive my brother. From a concerned brother and actor, Isaac Kofi Arthur. a.k.a IKE – The Entertainer πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­, one of Ghana’s finest and dopest actors of the New Generation of actors. πŸŽ₯πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­πŸ”₯🎬

Enough of the disgrace. The Funny face of 15 and 20years ago is reaching out to you today. Please hear him out and embrace him.

Lift your image up from the mud bro and stay positive. You can do it. Stay blessed. πŸ”₯πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­πŸ’₯πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ




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