Sunglasses are undoubtedly one of the most commonly worn accessories, and unlike winter clothing –they are not seasonal. You can wear them round the year, but that does not mean you wear them while you’re indoors – that is a fashion faux pas most folks commit. 

The fine line between fashion and fashion disasters is fraught with little things as these, and you must tread it carefully as you strut in style with a pair of sunglasses

5 Things you shouldn’t do with your Sunglasses

For something that makes up for such an important part of your fashion sense and style, there are some common mistakes that you might be making with your sunglasses. Moreover, it is just not you – it is all of us! Talking from personal experience, we bring to you the 5 things you shouldn’t do with your sunglasses: 

Do not commit the blunder of putting the lenses face down: 

This is the most common mistake that people wearing sunglasses tend to make on a daily basis, but we do not talk about it as much as we must. When you put your lenses face down, you run the risk of having the lenses scratched. 

The visible scratch marks on the shades can render them totally useless – till you have to get a new pair. That is quite a price to pay for a simple mistake – hence, we recommend be careful! 

If your sunglasses are not sitting perched on your nose, you must put them away in a case or remove them carefully so that you ensure the lenses aren’t coming in touch with the surface. 

Having your sunglasses on your head is so 1990s: 

Besides being a total fashion fax pas – having your sunglasses perched up on your head is not good for those guys as well! Did that make your eyebrows pop? 

Well – keep reading: Doing that often can stretch your sunglasses over time, and then, they won’t fit you well anymore!

We understand the pain of having to wear your sunglasses all through the day – but perching them up on your head would just make them fit irregular. Carry a case, or better yet, get a retainer for the times you don’t want to keep wearing your sunglasses in public! 

Don’t throw your shades inside your purse with everything else: 

All of us are guilty of having done this one – sometime or the other! And – we have lived to regret it. Hence, a word from the wise – keep your sunglasses tucked away in its case after you buy sunglasses or use a pouch and then throw it down the barrel of your bag. 

Your sunglasses would thank you in the long-run, because all the other random things in your bag like your keys, stationary or make-up can scratch its surface and render it useless. Just dumping them wherever is certainly convenient, but your sunglasses deserve better than that. What good would a damaged pair of sunglasses do, after all? 

Even if it takes a couple of extra minutes every day, get out with the case for your sunglasses – and years down, you’d look down on your sunglasses collection and rock the vintage world! 

If you’re still cleaning your swanky sunglasses with your clothes – Stop right away: 

Well, when you said you were old-school in your Instagram bio, we bet this isn’t what we thought you meant. You can be old-school without being a fool! Yes – you read that right. 

You can do better. Cleaning your sunglasses with whatever you find and wherever is so the norm, right? We disagree. If you continue to wipe your sunglasses with whatever you’re wearing at the given time, you run the risk of ruining your lenses and that, my friend, is a permanent disaster you’re making. 

You cannot go back in time and change it. Clothes have abrasive material and rough fibers that can mess with your sunglasses and we’re sure you don’t want that! 

When you buy eyeglass, it comes with a case and a cleaning cloth: use that to clean your lenses and don’t go around using just about anything you find. Have a dedicated lens cleaning cloth and you would make the job easier for yourself as well as for the pair of sunglasses you cannot do without.  

Don’t use harm chemicals: Know what you’re cleaning them with

Are you sure the DIY video you saw on YouTube about cleaning sunglasses is a good one? – Because if you’re still cleaning your sunglasses with your soap water, because they told you could, or you gave it a swab of alcohol – you need to stop watching that video and read ahead. 

Alcohol or soap have chemicals that can ruin your sunglasses and make them go brrrr! The best alternative is finding the right cleaning solution at the shop where you buy sunglasses, so that you know the contents in the solution. You’re also of the fact that they are good for your sunglasses and wouldn’t ruin your fashion favorites! You wouldn’t put soap water on your face to clean it, so why not take care of your pair of sunglasses, too?

We don’t mean to be harsh – we’re just telling you how to take care of your girlfriends better – because sometimes, even the best of us need help for maintaining those exquisite designer sunglasses! Moreover, if you still think wearing sunglasses is just a summer thing, we recommend you start believing that all year is summertime! 

Wear your sunglasses all year round – not only would you be making a fashion statement that’s swanky and trendy, but also you would be protecting your eyes from UV glare all through the year! Do yourself a favor – don’t buy fake sunglasses. They don’t protect eyes and do not last long, either. Also, are we not going to address how uncool that makes us look?

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