Pikworo Slave camp

The Pikworo Slave camp is one of the tourist attractions in the Upper East Region of Ghana which the locals are unaware of. The tourist site was established in 1704 and is located in a small community within Paga known as Nania 3 kilometers west of Paga. Pikworo happens to be a place founded by three black merchants whose job was to trade human beings and prepare them by water transport to the south.

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The Pikworo Slave highlighted the trees where the slaves we shackled, where they ate from bowls pigeon into the stones, and where they were entertained by drumming on what seemed as though empty rocks.

It additionally included the slave graveyard and punishment rock. It was discouraging to imagine what went on there. It was exceptionally calming. History has it that Slaves who attempted to escape were set stripped on that rock in the sun without food or water as a punishment. Pikworo Slave filled in as a slave assortment station by Ghanaian merchants who offered captives to the French, the English, and the Dutch. A normal of 200 slaves were at Pikworo at some random time. These slaves would be housed until the time had come to ship them toward the Southern Coast for the Trans-Atlantic deal.

The journey could take a few months by walking with no footwear, with slaves being practically stripped while going through various climate conditions while the slave drivers rode on ponies. The actual camp leaves little proof of its set of experiences from the outset however guided by an educated eye, the past can turn out to be all the more clear.

There are looks at vast area sees, yet look anyplace and your view makes certain to be blocked by a stone composition, or a rock that looks like it has stopped mid-tumble. On a group of rocks, there is a cut in perhaps the biggest stone where the slave drivers used to draw water. Around it, there is a sort of field of synthetic scoops in the stone. These scoops are bowls removed by slaves who attempted to get away and were pursued down.

What to do at Pikworo Slave

See the slave traders watch “tower”

See the mass grave cemetery and,

See the punishment stone where slaves we chained naked in the hot scorching sun.

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