Nigerian president, President Muhammadu Buhari has disclosed that the Federal Government of Nigeria will keep to its promise of lifting 100 million Nigerians from poverty.

According to President Muhammadu Buhari, this plan by the administration did not come by accident stating that it is a deliberate plan that will be pursued with remarkable grit and determination.

He made this known at a meeting with the Presidential Economic Advisory Council (PEAC) and in a statement released by presidential spokesperson, Garba Shehu had him saying;

“I was shocked, hearing from you that, of the vast agricultural land resources available to the nation, only two percent of it is under irrigation, promising that “we will make the best use of the land. Thank you for shaking us up. We are now awake, we will not doze off again. We didn’t just bump into this, we believe it is something we can deliver on.”


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