Benefits of online gaming

Benefits of online gaming. The advent of online gaming can be dated back to the 2000s, where smartphones began to take over the country. Since then, the country has come a long way and with the introduction of faster internet facilities and ever-growing technology.

In the past few years, the mobile gaming industry is on the rise with three out of five people spending hours playing games, be it serious or just casual gaming. According to the estimates, Indians spend an average of one hour every day for gaming which is more than the average time they spend on online Streaming platforms like Netflix. Going by the report by KPMG and Google estimates, India will have close to 310 million active gamers by 2021 in a market that will be worth $1 billion. This increase in number has allowed the companies to bring diversity to the games. Adding more to the same, Mattias Bergehed, the CEO and founder of ENV Media had recently said that the Indians prefer local games like Andar Bahar and they prefer mobile phones rather than Tablets or Computers.

The User Profile of Indian gamer

The number of hours spent by an average Indian on online gaming has increased manifolds in recent times and as touched earlier, diversity is one of the main reasons for this rise. Based on the report by lighthouse insights in 2018, an average Indian gamer spends 6.92 hours per week while the global average is 7.11. Based on the report “The Power of Mobile Gaming in India”, India is currently one of the top five gaming markets in the world at the moment. This rise has a lot to do with the increase of women gamers in recent times. The Kantar IMRB report says that the men are mostly into adventure, adrenaline rush type of games while most of the women had preferred entertainment games like puzzles or quizzes. To add more, a typical 15-year-old male spends 10-20 minutes per session with more than four to five sessions per day. A female user of the same age spends 8-12 minutes per session with close to seven sessions per day.

Reasons for the increase in mobile gaming:

Portability: India has always been a mobile-first country and due to the portability; the gamers can use their mobile anywhere to play the game of their choice even during the travel via bus or train. Better phones at a lower price: Since the mobile market is currently skyrocketing in the country, the investors are making good use of the same and are coming up with basic smartphones at an affordable price. Better graphics: The graphics for the games on mobile phones have got better in recent times. This has not only made the gaming experience user-friendly but also is addictive. Different Payment Options: With the introduction of different payment options, the users are able to choose the method of their convenience. Some of the e-wallets do offer different coupons and cashback which is another attraction. Isolation: Since we are living in unprecedented times, mobile users have invested their time more than usual in exploring different games to spend days. That is one of the main reasons why there is a massive rise in the users in past one year.

How does monetization work in mobile gaming?

With the increase in the number of users at the moment, the companies are coming up with different strategies to make money or monetize. Free-to-play: This is one of the most popular monetizing ways that is being used by companies at the moment. Here, the whole game will be available for download and you might not need to purchase anything. Instead, there will be ads that provide revenue for the company. Sometimes, these ads are like a win-win situation where the users will be awarded a life or coins or another specific feature every time they watch the ad. Demo and Full Version: Some games are pretty straight-forward. The companies offer you the demo version and free trial for the game and once the trail gets over, you may purchase the full version. Freemium: This is yet another popular category where the companies will allow you to download the basic core version of the game and there will be charges for an upgrade or there will be in-app purchases. Pay to Play: Fantasy sports or casinos usually come under this category where you will be paying a certain amount as the entry fee to play rummy online games. Pay to win: In some games, the users can pay a certain amount to skip a boring level or will be allowed to grab the premium items while the free users will have to wait for hours for the same. Co-branding: The companies do opt for co-branding where they promote different brands, usually by selling game merchandise, shirts etc. Nevertheless, it is pretty clear that the country has benefitted from the rise of technology and digitalization at the moment.

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