How Salon Booking Software’s Features Has Impressed Clients?

Multiple software is available in the market. Just google salon software and see multiple solutions. Even to enhance the experience of appointments you can find multiple Salon Booking Software. No doubt that decent software can manage your salon effectively. But in comparison with great software does decent software worth your attention?

Features that great software can provide you with decent software is not capable of them. If you want to keep pace with the level of competition decent software is not going to help a lot. Let’s discuss some of the mind-blowing features of great booking software to differentiate it from decent software.

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Features of A Salon Booking Software:

·        Flexible Appointment Booking System:

There is no need to call salons for booking an appointment. Just open the app and book the date of the appointment. To find available dates software has provided the facility of calendars. They just have to click on a date to book it for an appointment.

Customers develop a bond with staff while receiving services. Sometimes that bond becomes so strong that they always want that person in their service. Rationally it is not possible to find the same person free when you visit a salon.

·        The opportunity for Customized Booking:

This software has made it possible for clients to book those staff members for a service with whom they have developed a bond. Your whole purpose behind service is the happiness of customers. When your customer is not happy from the beginning how can you expect a positive response from him/her?

·        Customization of Time Slot:

Ideally computer show time slot which suits employees. But with the customized option clients can change the time of appointment. If you are not able to make it in time change your timings from a customized option.

·        Notification System:

In completing different tasks of our daily routine, we sometimes forget about the appointment of a salon. In absence of this software, the result would be no show. But Salon Booking Software will not allow that. By sending timely notifications to customers, it has almost reduced no shows.

No shows are not only the loss of salon but also result in wastage of time of staff. Except for reminding, the appointment software also sends a notification regarding the confirmation of booking.

·        Different Payment Options:

The online payment system has reduced the importance of cash. Your banks are now involved in every transaction. For payment except for credit cards, you can also use PayPal and the stripe option. The software keeps a record of your payments and also send receipts of the payment to customers via email. To ensure the customer that payment is received.

·        Rewarding System:

Through a rewarding system of software, salons can generate multiple offers and discounts to their customers. This system can also be used as a loyalty program. Generate offer on referral for existing customers.

·        Mobile-Friendly:

This software is also available in the app version. It is suitable for every device. So, the perks of these features can be enjoyed similarly through smartphones and tablets.

·        Track Consumer Data:

Consumer data is one of the most difficult things to collect and retain and Booking Software for Salon has made it easy for you. It is also one of the precious pieces of information in enhancing the customer experience. It’s not about just marketing. Whenever a customer visit salon and the attendee know what his/her customer needs. He/she can handle the customer more conveniently.

It is not about the convenience of staff only it is also about consumer satisfaction. A customer feels that he is someone who has value and the staff cares about him like his family.

Merits of Salon Booking Software:

·        Make First Great Impression:

Someone talked about it to his/her friend. He/she wants to book an appointment with you. But the time is midnight. Your salon timings are over now what he/she can do. He/she shared this problem with a friend and a friend replied don’t worry about time book an online appointment.

Have you noticed the impact of the statement? It ensures your 24×7 availability. Imagine how soothing it was for that customer that he/she doesn’t need to wait for the opening time of the salon. If you fail in making the first great impression you can’t diminish it no matter what you have done after that.

·        Security of Data:

You are dealing with multiple spreadsheets and folders. Let’s suppose due to any malware your files got corrupt now what is the backup of data?

Here this software provides you with a guarantee of security of information no matter what has happened to your system. The information which you have feed in this software remain safe for you even after years.


The ease of online booking appointment has made life easier for both staff and customers. Wellyx can be considered as an option while choosing booking software. Gaining customers is all about making the first good impression on them.

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